Thursday, 17 April 2014

Giraffes are back!

Hiya jammers! ^.^
Well, i forgot today was update day. XD
But let's start of with the new item, which is the Porch Swing sold at jam-mart furniture! :3
Hmm, It seems like this is a remake of the original Beta porch swing. ^.^
At first, i was quite happy with this item and brought it, but unfortunately it was too big to fit in my den. ;-;
However, i still this it's pretty cool wit the fireflies flying around it. C:
Which Porch Swing do you like the best? Beta or this one?
Meanwhile, we have some VERY good news.. :D
 After many months of traveling, the Giraffes have finally returned! :D
Well, i just hope the rhinos come back too, and the pandas.It seems like we have tons of animals missing in Jamaa nowdays, and i have a feeling the crocodiles are going to go endangered in Jamaa too. ;-;
Speaking of animals, it seems like we have some mystery new animals..
I don't have a CLUE what those animals could be.. i honestly don't
What do you think? I believe that they are either big cats or canines.
But who knows? It could be something very different! :3
Anyway, moving on to the 3rd page now. ^.^
 Whoa, that armour sure does look AWESOME! :D
Now you can pretend to be a phantom! ^_^
And guess what? Although the adventure is for members only, its still nonmember! :D
And about the adventures.. Well, don't you think they should make an easy mode as well? They could make the normal mode a wee bit harder, in my opinion, 3 options would be better.
And finally, the last page! :D
Don't you ever wonder how much more we could help the Earth if it was Earth day all the time? o-o
That's pretty much for today, Cya all tommorow!


  1. 1st
    Anyway, I think I actually like this swing better. And I'm really glad girafes are back. :) Also, about our story, you think it could be about the return of the eagles, since they're the newest animal in jamaa?
    P.S. have you ever noticed that jamaa sounds like llama? XD

  2. Cloud, you meant jam mart furniture instead of clothing, right? Anyway love the update and I hope to comment more often!

  3. I think it'll be a hyena :3 hyenas can have those coat colours.

  4. African Wild Dog, Or Hyena

    -Warrior Cats Forever (smart06703) :3

  5. @Rubbuddy1,
    Good idea about the story. :D
    I think we might start on it very soon. :3
    I put Jam-Mart clothing on? o-o
    Sorry about that, i sometimes confuse them both. :P
    Now that you mention it.. Yes, it could be very possible that they are a hyena. :3
    It could be!

  6. Many months??? That was nearly a YEAR!

  7. @Nebula,
    Isn't a year the same as many months?


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