Monday, 21 April 2014

Rare Pirate Beard

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Hiya jammers! :3
Soo.. I logged into animal jam, then checked Jam-Mart lothing for a new item. I didn't find any, but just as i was on my way to another shop, i remembered..
Have any of y'all noticed how when you wear a Pirate Beard  in certain animals, it looks more like monster teeth? o-o
Well, anyway, it's not really the best rare in the history of all rares, but the colors match together quite nicely. ^.^
So here's mah rating. :3
Color: 4/5
Creativity: 1/5
Appearance: 3/5
So that equals to a total of 8 out of 10! ^-^
Pretty good. :P
Ok.. now here comes the urge to make an outfit.. MUST RESIST UURRRGEE! :O
..Oh well. i failed to resist. :P But making outfits is a good thing.. right?
All bow down to the blue pirate, with a blue hat, blue beard and blue fur. :P
On the other hand, some pet Cheetahs have recently been spotted in Jamaa ....
omg its so cute
Picture credit goes to the Animal Jam Sky.
They where probably accidentally released in yesterday's update.
But they sure do look absolutely adorable! ^.^
Meanwhile, here's the post about Earth Day on the DE!
Earth day is tomorrow/the day after tomorrow depending on your timezone, so don't forget! c:
To wrap things up, here's a random drawing of Peck i drew today. ^-^
 Im quite pleased with it, However, it's body is a bit wonky. >.<
What do you think though? :3
That's all for today, see you all tomorrow!

P.S We have only ONE follower till the contest!


  1. GREAT POST!! I was about to write Great Pot LOL! XD Hopefully I can see you on AJ!

  2. I followed the blog now you have 65 followers

  3. WOW!!! That's a great Peck drawing!! You're super good at drawing! Also, if anybody would like to see my blog's Earth Day celebration (it has rare prizes!) go to

  4. hey cloud u no u said its 8/10 how did u get that if u add da 8/ is right but it should b 8/15 sorry for da correction =^.^= theseyo ps great drawing of peck + great post

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    I would really appreciate it if you'd take some time off your paws,
    check out my blog, and leave a nice comment.
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