Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Earth Day! :D

The contest is almost ready, ok?
Hiya jammers! ^-^
Today's new item is the Glass Sheves, sold in Jam-Mart furniture. c:
 These shelves look much better than the offset glass shelves in my opinion, because.. Well, they didn't actually even look like shelves to me. o_o
And y' know, i wonder if all these glass shelves have something to do with Earth Day because well, glass can be recycled. :3
Which reminds me,  wouldn't it be awesome if there was a Earth Day party on AJ too? :D
There would be lots of trees.. maybe a shop, and the game Super Sort there, what do you think?
Anyway, moving on to another subject, here's the DE post. c:
Five horns? O.O
Im glad that giraffes are back though. ^.^
To wrap things up, here's the Question Of The Week!
What do you do to celebrate Earth Day?
Do you plant some new plants, or recycle?
Please feel free to share your answers in the comments! :3
Cya all tomorrow!


  1. I use less electricity and turn the lights off and walk to school instead of driving

  2. Well, i'm always home, so I don't go anywhere most of the day, but my bedroom lights are always off, and I unplug my computer before I go anywere.

  3. I wanted to do an earth hour where my family turned off electronics, but my mom was too busy watching TV :T

  4. Since its vacation me and my family spended 3hours not using electronics but doing board games and I was planting some flowers and trees.

  5. I don't really like shelves, but they look much neater then the wooden shelves ^w^.
    I get in GIGANTIC trouble if I break a vase, so o.o. So ever bring up a vase when I'm playing "Catch the ball" with my friend and brother. Just NO. O.o

    I <3 recycling! I gotta LOAD of papers to recycle, it's stuffing my folder like cotton candy. :I My Aunt needs to take me to the recycling center soon.
    That giraffe painting is AWESOME! We got some good artists on AJ :3

    On Earth Day I get on AJ and recycle, play super sort a lot, and do normal things. XD I basically do nothing.....? But I DO recycle.
    Peace out, Clouds!



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