Sunday, 27 April 2014

Angry Liza Tiki Statue!! :O

Herro jammers. :3
Before starting the post, i just want to point out something good: You can now use proper punctuation on Jam-A-Grams! ^.^
Hooray! Now i can use unlimited punctuation marks. :P
But except that i have also noticed another thing: You can't say sorry anymore! ;-;
Even when you try, it just turns red. DX
Im really hoping we can apologize again in jam-a-grams :c
Well, moving on to a happier subject, the sunken Liza tiki statue is out in stores. ^.^
And the reason its good news is because it represents the Alphas, which is like, Jamaasian? :P
Ahh, pity its member.
But wait.. i notice something, her face is..
*sinister music*
She looks ANGRY!! :O
*suddenly the statue starts speaking to me and i freak out*
Liza tiki statue: I have been frozen into a statue by AJHQ, that's the reason im angry. >:C
And plus, being a statue is boring.
Me: *Tries an attempt to unfreeze Liza*
Liza tiki statue: Lol just kidding, the real Liza is above on land. x3
Me: Aww man, i can't believe i fell for that!

Well, that was fun writing that. ^ :P
And why am i so hyper. o_o
Well, anyway today i saw something kinda sad on AJ today. :c
 I can't BELIEVE some people still do this in Jamaa!
Its just wrong! AJ is a kids game, and you don't want kids seeing that don't you? :,(
However, at least the number of people dating on AJ has reduced the past months ..
Well, i guess that's it. I don't have anything else to post about. :P
Stay safe, and jam on! :D
Update: I made a AJ plushie comic blog! click here to visit it, and tell me what you think so far!


  1. I guess the dirt bike was also one new item?! Also I agre with you. Lots of boys come to me and show me this - <3 <3 <3. I say I'm not interested and they follow me around all day. D: HELP ME! Had 5 dudes following me yesterday and 3 today and THIS HAPPENS EVERYDAY!! D: Upsupsups says that I am a "Guy Magnet" can someone help! AND I DO BLOCK THEM DX


  2. Sometimes I disguise my animal as a boy and trick those "if u leik mi gou too meh din" girls into thinking I'm some sort of potential suitor.

  3. Hey Clouds? Can I enter even though I can't really send anything to emails?
    I love writing poems! Ever since 1st grade :)

    But we can't. Mr.Red words won't allow it. Here is an example:
    Ilovecutechihuahuas: I'm sorr-
    Mr.Red words: ERROR.
    Ilovecutechihuahuas >:U

    The Sunken Liza Tiki Statue looks like Liza's giving an evil little smile. O3O DERP. What a cheerful panda ^w^. Little owl eyes seem to make everyone hyper. o-o o-o o-o HOO HOO! o-o o-o o-o

    When I went to the Horses Only Party, this jammer sent me a jam-a-gram that said this: CAN YOU GET ME CLOTHES
    I hate when people do that. GET YOUR ON CLOTHES! :I
    Picky people these days. Not wanting to spend their gems on their own items.
    I would do it for a friend that is broke, but NOT a random horse.


  4. I have a buddy on aj whose a boy and we pull pranks together sometimes, like one time when I dressed up like a boy and said: "girls if you like me go to my den" and so when some girls showed up I said: "I choose.. Duke" (Duke is my buddy who I was playing the prank with) then I turned back into a girl and we laughed so hard. XD

  5. Ok I'm just saying, is really weird people r doing that. What r u even supposed 2 do on one?


  6. 1. I knew you can't type "sorry" in a Jam-a-Gram anymore. For a few months now- I think. I know this because every time I get an offer via JAG I say, "Sorry no thanks." but one time it wouldn't let me type 'sorry' anymore. I hate how AJHQ won't let us say "Sorry." in a JAG- how are we supposed to apologize to other Jammers!? I agree with your reaction, Cloud! >:(

    2. XD Liza and that smile tho. Creepeh! O.o and even more weird, is that a starfish in her hair? O.O

    3. Some Jammers don't understand what's wrong and awkward with dating on Animal Jam- an online game! :T

    Please visit my blog: If you do thank you, and perhaps comment? (:

  7. @Ilovecutechihuahuas
    Of course you can enter! :)
    Just type your poem in the comments, on the contest blog. ^.^
    I can't wait to see it! :D

  8. I know why liza is angry! She is upset that non members are treated like dirt for no entire reason!


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