Sunday, 6 April 2014

Picket Fence

Hiya jammers! ^.^
Today's item is is quite cool in my opinion, and it's the Picket Fence, sold in Jam-Mart furniture. :3
Quite simple, but i think it would look nice in any den. :)
Especially in the small house. ^-^
And you know the best thing?
Its an ALL-JAMMER item! :D Im really glad to see that AJHQ is starting to make much more nonmember items. :3
I think you can use this fence for tons of things.. Just like the bamboo wall. 
Meanwhile, here's the daily Daily Explorer post! ^.^ (see what i did there?)
 Animal facts seem to be everywhere on AJ these days..
.. And that's a good thing.  :3
Well jammers, that was pretty much all for today. :D
I hope to see you all tomorrow!


  1. First comment! :D
    I gotta go to church, so I'll make my real comment later.
    Until then, Peace out Clouds! =3


  2. The picket fence does remind me of the bamboo fences. It's really nice of AJHQ to make it non-member. :D For some reason it reminds me of gardening, LOL!
    It could have been 150 gems, but 150 rounds to 200. *_*
    Whoa you really are into animal facts Clouds! "Within 3 weeks they are one foot tall and their beaks and feet are nearly adult sized". What a mind blower. :o


  3. I'm really glad aj is making more all-jammer items. Cause a lot of the time they just make member items. I think aj should make only the REALLY COOL THINGS member only, and make most of tem all jammer.

  4. many of which you along roadsides. It turns out very nice and airy fence.Also, the fence can be a decorative wall, it will be well on the wind - murine peas, beans or "parthenocissus."Demir Leather & Furniture


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