Saturday, 12 April 2014

Sparkly Shoes

Hiya jammers! ^.^
Today's EXTREMELY SPARKLY item are the SPARKLY shoes! :P
 The high heels look weird.. they look like an arch instead. o-o
And i think the price is a bit too high, its not like its diamond or anything. XD
Strangely, i actually kinda like this item. :3
And it does look good on my cheetah! :D
But those sparkles are messing my head up.. >.<
Interesting DE post..
Magic?! Did AJHQ say magic? 
I looove magic! ^.^ I have GOTTA check dis out! :D


  1. First comment :D

    (Working on my real comment!)

  2. The Sparkly Shoes remind me of Clown shoes, hehe :3
    The way they're curved and look big, and how they're called "SPARKLY SHOES".
    They sure do sparkle :O

    I think the price should have been 350 ^_^. Aka, 400 if ya round it.
    They look rubber-ish, MEEP! I ain't buyin them, but they still really cool!
    I don't really do the projects AJ Academy posts, because most of the time I don't have the supplies, lol. XD


  3. @Ilovecutechihuahuas,
    Lol, i don't have the supplies either! XD

  4. @ Cloudy Clouds

    Ikr? Isn't it annoying ;-;


  5. I don't like that item much, but I'm gonna buy it cause I think if I put it with the right outfit it'll look good.


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