Tuesday, 8 April 2014


Hiya jammers! ^.^
Today's fun new item is the Skateboard, sold in Jam-Mart Furniture.
Credit to the Animal Jam Sky Blog. :)
I LOVE the designs and colors!
They're so creative, especially the phantom ones! :3
It seems like AJHQ is coming up with lots of sport equipment these days since summer is beginning to come near for the people in the Northern Hemisphere. ^.^
Hmm.. What's your favorite design, by the way? C:
Meanwhile, as some of you might have noticed, i have put up a link for The Animals Of Jamaa.
So if you ever missed a post, you can just view them all by simply clicking the picture! :D
What do you think?
And just in case you're wondering what this years Easter Prize is..
Credit to the Animal Jam Sky again.
I clicked on all the eggs, but for some reason it wouldn't let me have the prize.
It's probably because i already received last years one though, but i think 2014's one is just as good. ^.^


  1. YAY!!!!!!!!!!! im going 2 check the section NOW!! AND the prize is cool XD


  2. Actually, the Northern Hemisphere is already in spring. We're not even close to summer unless you call three months close.

  3. @Ronen,
    Oh, sorry about that, I got confused because i live in the Southern Hemisphere.
    I will fix it right away! ^.^

  4. Hi, Scooter here from the Animal Jam Sky Blog! Thanks for giving me credit ^o^
    Also, I love the Blue Lightning Bolts Skateboard. I like how you got the Animal Jam cursor on the blog too!


  5. I think since aj made a cherry tree, for spring they should make a tree wth cherry blossoms. Also, did you know sakura means cherry blossom in Japanese? ^.^

  6. No, I had the same problem. I e-mailed AJHQ and they gave me my prize though

  7. Will you quit aj anytime soon? I hope not I am losing all my fav bloggers like xXrobinhoodXx~pinkjay2

  8. @Scooter,
    Thanks and your welcome by the way! ^.^
    I don't think i will be quitting anytime soon. C:

  9. I'm Scooter's buddy! :D Coudclaws? Can you be my buddy? I'm only on AJ on Sundays until Easter.


  10. @meowcats1228,
    I will check if my buddy list is full, then amybe we can be buddies. :3


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