Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Mystery: New lands coming with New animals?

65 follows contest will be on tomorrow!
 Hiya jammers! ^.^
As we all know, everyone once in a while, new lands are discovered usually with a new animal.
In Jamaa these days, there seem to be a lot of news about animals.
And you know that page on the Jamaa Journal with 3 mystery animals?
Could it be possible that a new land could be coming with them?
For example, this cave in the Appondale .. 
It's obvious it leads somewhere, and there seems to be mountains in the scenery.
And if you open Jamaa's map, you can see the same cave, and to most likely place it could lead..
Now, that land above looks like a place with lots of mountains, and it seems like all the freshwater in Jamaa seems to be running from a waterfall on the land
Now, there's a pelt in the "we are coming" page which kind of looks like a lynx's one, you know, the spotty one?
And some lynxes live in some pretty cold areas. So could, just maybe might the lynx..
However, Lynx's some in many different colors and patterns, but i still believe that they still might come to Jamaa, because i think they could make pretty awesome animals. c:
Now on to our second suspect..
You know this tree in Kimbara Outback, next the the Medical Center?
Well, it seems to lead to a new land..
 And the place its leading to is a small island, and next to is the main land.
Now, for some reason, one of those 3 mystery pelts looked just the slightest it similar to an Okapi, (the one with the brownish stripes, can be the okapis neck fur.) And okapi's usually live in forest-y places.
And as you can see, the land seems to be covered with trees! Im guessing its going to be a type of rainforest, similar to the Amazons.
And even if it isn't an Okapi, judging by the dappled pelt, it might be possible for it to live in a forest.
And as for the third suspect.. I honestly don't have a clue.
What do you think, jammers? Share your ideas about the third animal in the comments!


  1. OMG i would never have thought of a lynx!!!! that is an AWESOME guess!!!!!!!!!!! i hope they r :D their so cute :D


  2. Great Guesses! I agree with you about the cave!

  3. the brown stripe spotted one might be a hyena just a guess BD

  4. maybe a bobcat they use to take our chickens :I my dad scared them off XD it was so funny

  5. Hmmm.............. great predictions Cloud!

  6. I think it'll be a wild dog, because the pelts are like a wild dog's (:

  7. Hmm, I don't think that thingy in appondale is a cave.. Now that we have eagles it seems more like a mountainous range. Who knows, there could be caves in the mountains too. XD

  8. @Shadow,
    For some reason, it still looks like a cave to me. XD

  9. i think it might be a bear!! the fur just looks like a bear

  10. I think it's a hyena because AJHQ took a poll and Eagles won. We ended up GETTING the eagles. The next most popular vote was a hyena. And the fur in the AJ News looked like hyena fur!
    I mean, I could be wrong..

  11. My brain is totally cranking stuff up.(or whatever its called)
    So, heres my new animal theory-
    1. Read the Jamma Journal CAREFULLY!
    three DIFFERENT paw prints. my next clue proves to whom they belong to.
    2. See the poll from everloop where eagles won CAREFULLY!
    The three animals_-The lynx, jagur and hyena.

    Hyena, Lynx and Jaguars are coming to jamaa!

  12. I think the upper hand part of the map is going to be a valley. I think vallies are usually surrounded by mountains. The other empty part is probably going to be a rain forest. There are also other empty parts of the map.

  13. 22blossomshystar15 August 2014 at 01:09

    I think there are 3 more lands coming to Jamma. The one from the cave, and two water lands (if that makes scene) look on the map.

    1. 22blossomshystar15 August 2014 at 01:11

      Wait, I think 4, sorry, 2 land and 2 water.

  14. I think sloths will come to Jamaa. They are so cute!
    Galaxy AJ


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