Thursday, 1 May 2014

Sunken Sir Gilbert Statue

Hiya jammers! ^_^
Yesterday''s pawsome new item is the Sunken Sir GIlbert statue, sold in Sunken Treasures. :3
Compared to the other tiki statues, this one certainly does seem to look more.. smiley? ^.^
I love Sir Gilberts Tiki Statue form, but what are those spikes doing on his head though? :o
On the other hand, there seems to be no update nor a new item today! Odd, right?
Anyway, here's the DE post. c:
Woah, those are some pretty awesome artists out there! ^_^
What are your favorite things to draw? Mine are animals. :3
Cya all tomorow!
P.S If this post reaches at least 7 comments, i might have a raffle on the next post. C:


  1. I'm a little disappointed there was no update today. I got too exited. I must say though that Sir Gilbert looks odd with a Mohawk, or whatever is on his head. I like to draw bunnies and sometimes a fairy, and maybe a funny looking stick person.

  2. Epic blog cloudclaws C: Totally earned a follower! ~Derpyjoy

  3. I like to draw manga a lot. :3 Working on realism though.

  4. The Sir Gilbert Tiki Statue looks weird and cool. :3
    So many Tiki Statues! Has AJHQ gone Tiki cray cray? LOL.
    I love drawing cats o3o.



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