Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Sunken Peck Tiki Statue

Hey everyone! :D
Today's new item is the Sunken Peck Tiki Statue, which is (obviously) sold in Sunken Treasures! 
Okie, i think the Peck tiki statue is now my new favorite out of the Tiki Statue series. ^.^
She just looks sooo cute as a Tiki Statue!! <3
I also like how AJHQ used swirly patterns for her cheeks. :3 But i have to admit that her chest is a little weird to me, no offense.
However i was really hoping for at least one of these statues to be for nonmembers. DX 
Wait a second, we still have the Sunken Greely Tiki Statue, so keep your paws crossed it will be nonmember when it comes to stores! C:
On the other hand, here's the Daily Explorer post. ^_^

If i saw a staghorn beetle on MY hat, i would probably freak out. XD
And i think its quite interesting how Staghorn beetles are kept as pers in Eastern Asia. :3
I wouldn't like to keep one as a pet, though. :P
To wrap things up, here's the Weekly Question!
What's your favorite Alpha on AJ?
Happy jamming, and see you all tomorrow! :D


  1. My favorite alpha is peck and to me peck kinda looks like a boy....

  2. my favorite alpha is peck :D


  3. Ugh I cant chose just one! My favorites are Peck, Cosmo, and Liza.

  4. LOL peck's chest XD Make me think they were leaves XD I'd wish it'll be non-member too but there is a low chance and even if became non member it would have the same problem with the Graham Nesting dolls which are member now ;-;

    I am afraid of bugs espically cockroaches XD I would scream until someone saved me XD

    My favorite alpha is Peck she is super artistic and her personality is a bit similar to mines in real world XD

  5. Does Dr. BB think he's talking to 5 year olds? o.o

  6. Tiki Statue Series! Peck look cute! :3
    I'd be nice if AJHQ would add color to the Tiki Statues, cause they'd look much better than plain brown! Brown is good color, when it comes to chocolate cakes.
    I hope one is nonmember. But the crystal statues in Epic Wonders are all members only. :C
    I would freak out too. I'm scared of big beetles! No - they're not ugly. I love da color black! I'm not sure of keeping one as a pet. I want a pet puppy, or kitten.
    I love cats!!!!!!!!!

    My fave Alpha is peck. <3
    Also my teacher had her baby last night! :D (Congrats to her!!!)
    Our class will be having a subsitute teacher for 3 weeks.
    And please don't do the o.o eyes once you read that part. I would think of it as rude! >:I


  7. mine is peck and greely i cant pick out of the 2 but beetles im okay with but they kinda creep me out -shivers-


    - epicataj.blogspot.com

  8. Love Greely, always da best ^~^ So ya..
    ~711bebeblue (btw gift me on AJ)

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