Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Pet Cardboard Castle

Hey everyone! ^-^
Soo, a new item finally comes to the pet shop at the Appondale. :3
Pretty cool, don't you think?
And plus, its for all-jammers which means hamsters can also enjoy playing with their buddies in a castle now. ^.^
The different color options are also pretty clawtastic, my favorite one is the pawprint one, what about yours? C:
Hey, i just had a random thought: You know how the Pet Cabin is sold in Jam-Mart furniture? wouldn't it suit the item better if it where sold in the petshop? o_o
However, it's quite nice to see that the Appondale petshop FINALLY got a new item. :D
(I said petshop too many times, didn't i?)
Well on the other hand, here's the DE post about Jammer Art!

You know, i would love to have a cat.. or a dog? I cant decide!
Speaking of pets, here's the question!
What's your favorite pet, and why?
Happy jamming! :3


  1. Favorite pet? Probably bunny. Though I have never had one before. I love the castle! Its really cute, AND nonmember! happy day

  2. the castle is so CUTE!!!!!!!!!! and its nonmember :D


  3. I agree with the Jammers that commented before me. ^^

    Hmm... I would say dogs as well as cats are my favorite pets. Reasons:
    I had many other pets as well (such as fish, hamsters, gerbils) but they all died. I only have 2 cats and 1 dog now. *-*
    Dog reason: I have my dog ever since I was 5, and dogs are loyal and be on your side no matter what. Also they're furry. :3
    Cat reason: They're also furry. :3 Also, cats are nice and just so cute. I have one cat that is extremely grumpy all day that can not be touched, and a cat that's almost always too hyper, complains all day, and wants my lazier cat to play with her. I got her for my birthday a few years ago. =^.^= I luv animals. and congrats on being 1st top commenter on it, Cloud! Nice- you're nice. :)


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