Monday, 12 May 2014

The Awesome RIM of Monday + A cool den trick. :3

Hey everyjammer! C:
As usual, i forgot it was Monday. :P
But i eventually managed to find the Rare Item, which is the Sapphire Elf Helmet! ^-^
Eh, im kinda sick of all these member rares, its getting a bit boring for me. ;-;
However, i must say that the different shades of blue go together perfectly! ^_^
You know, don't you think that gem in the middle looks a bit like a diamond? Hmm, perhaps it IS a diamond! :O
But i guess we'll never know for sure, though. :P
Soo.. i guess its time for the rating! c:
Creativity: 3.7/5
Colors: 4/5
Price: 4/5
In general, it's a pretty clawtastic rare. ^.^
You can also make up some pawsome outfits with this rare, so i present you ..
 You like? :3
Speaking of blue, the Heatwave party seems to be making its way into Jamaa . . .
I have lived through a 44C day once. Luckily, i wasn't outside, but i would have been toast if i where. o_o
And wow, AJHQ sure does a good job of persuading you to come to parties. :P
What's the hottest temperature you have EVER lived through in your life? :o
Anyway, here's a cool den trick i discovered which would be PERFECT for christmas, but unfortunately we are still far away from that.
  It looks quite cool if you put Christmas tree ornaments onto the hanging vines, don''t you think? ^.^
Happy Jamming!
P.S Don't forget: i will have a PAWSOME party when the blog reaches 85 follows after the 65 follower contest! :D


  1. :D i looks awesome! or pawsome XD


  2. I love your Christmas decoration idea! I'm totally going to use that when Christmas time comes around!

  3. Hottest temperature... hmmm.... either 110 or 111F.

  4. Oh my god! I'm gonna try that X3


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