Thursday, 15 May 2014

Tons Of Epicly Awesome New Stuff..

Hai jammers! :D
Today was Thursday, so it can only mean ...
Yay! :3
The brand new Eagle adventure seems to have made its way into Jamaa! ^_^
I tried out the adventure a few hours ago. The desert actually used to be lush and full of life, however, the phantoms came and destroyed the 6 crystals protecting the land, turning it into a barren and lifeless place.
Basically, you have to find the pieces of crystal which can be achieved in many different ways ...
Some are quite easy to get, however others require more work.
Yellow shards are buried deep beneath the sand, so be on the lookout for their gleam!
Blue ones can be achieved by watering an oasis, however, to get the lavender ones you have to find a cactus with two eagle footprints on the top of it:

And the purple shards? Honestly, i have no idea. They just seem SO impossible to get ... >_<
Well, i only managed to save two crystals ... and then the adventure is over. Im not sure what happens if you save all though, what do you think? ^.^
 Speaking of birds, Hummigbirds seem to ALSO have returned! :D
Yay! I know they would come back.. Humminbirds are just soo adora- *suddenly notices that Hyenas are coming to Jamaa*
WOWOWWOW That. Is. Awesome.
The video is so cool! I could just watch it all over and over again. :D
The bunny is first just strolling through a forest, minding his own business lalalla... Then the bushes start shaking, and the bunny is like: AAAHH HEELP! And then phantom heads pop up the bush, but then Hyenas emerge instead and start laughing. And the bunny is like: Are you kidding me?
But then, he eventually laughs at himself too. lolol. X3
Anyway, AJHQ seems to have come up with a clawtastic idea! :D
I think its a pawsome way to connect with your buddies! You know, there a lot like the Adventure Portals. ^.^
Aaand, they also come in tons of different colors and designs!
That's pawsome!! :D
I love this update! Well, except for the fact that almost everything's member. -.-
But there is ONE thing that all jammers can look foward to though ...
That's right, the summer carnival! The banner seems to be different this year, do you think anything will be new? ^.^
Happy jamming!


  1. What.
    All the portals are member?


  3. @Kinyonga,
    *sigh* I know. Im used to everything being member these days though. .__.
    It IS a clawtastic update, isn't it? :D

  4. Aww right when i was about to log in, Animal Jam went offline :( And I was about to check out the cool update :I Oh well i will wait... btw AWESOME POST! :3

  5. I was going to buy a portal to visit my buddies often, but when I went to the shop..
    They were all member.
    I can't believe it, outrageous!

  6. I know how to get purple crystals!
    1. you need 4 eagles
    2. there's a rock formation that has 4 pairs of eagle talonprints
    3. sit on it
    4. there's going to be an arrow rising follow that to another rock formation
    5. repeat until you get purple crystal.
    6. THIS TAKES UP ALL YOUR TIME!!! cuz you have 2 do it 5 times to get 5 crystalsss


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