Friday, 30 May 2014


Hey jammers!
So im not posting today ... you would not believe how tierd i am. I was actually gonna show you a speedpaint, but of course, "error" happened. -.-
Maybe tomorrow?
See you!
After i took a nap and tried again, the speedpaint worked this time! :D
It's Spottedleaf, from Warrior cats. :3
Meh.. it's not the best, drawing on computers is hard. ;-;
And you can't shade or anything on Paint either, soo yeah ...
What do you think? ^.^


  1. I would like to see more of your art!

  2. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Spottedleaf is back!!!!!!!! ikr it is ss hard to draw on the computer but on paper..... if i compare my computer art against my paper art, my drawings on paper are much better

  3. Yay, cool! If you want to shade and stuff, you should try GIMP! It's a free painting program you can get at Also, if you like drawing on computers a lot, you should get a graphics tablet! It makes it like drawing on paper almost! When I got one, I improved greatly on the computer. :)

  4. I think it's pretty good! I've never read warrior cats though (I've heard of it), Anyways, I'm gonna go post on my blog

  5. Anonymous,
    Yeah, same ... It's all about keeping the pencil/mouse steady, and that's way easier with pencil. Although i like drawing more on paper, i still love drawing on computers as well. ^.^
    GIMP looks a little complicated to me, but it looks like a great paint program so i should try it out one day. ^.^

  6. Cloudclaws, you can also shade using Paint Tool SAI. It is a really simple program. :)

  7. Your art's PAWsome! Aww, don't be belittle, Cloudclaws! :-D


  8. Soooooooo EPIC AND PRETTY!!!!!! You're art is getting so pretty O3O It looks awesome to be your profile pic ^-^


  9. She went to star clan.. its great though! :( poor spottedleaf... im in clan at madjasterxyz den


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