Thursday, 22 May 2014

Lawn Sprinkler

Hey everyone! ^o^
Today's item is yet another cool sprinkler sold in Jam-Mart furniture. c:
I love sprinklers for some reason. Sometimes, when i see one i get near one and allow the water to spray over me when im feeling hot. ^-^
 (But i definitely don't take it to the point where i get soaking wet. XD)
By the way, don't all these sprinklers look clawtastic together? :D
I bet i would have loved to have a sprinkler party in real life. o3o
Be careful not to accidentally turn on sprinklers on to turbo mode though. O_O
I guess dogs like water though.
Oookaaayy.. Abandoning the subject of sprinklers, here's the News Crew arcticle! ^.^

Congrats Awesome Snowydog. ^.^ *claps*
I don't usually submit News Crew Articles though. o3o
I thiink i should end the post here, im so tired right now that i could just fall asleep right now and bonk my head on the keyboard. o-o


  1. I love all the sprinklers!!! They are perfect for the water park den. LOL WHARRGARBL XD.


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