Friday, 23 May 2014

Patched hat

Helloo jammers! ^.^
So welcome to yet, another new item post on the AJR. c:
Today's item? The Patched Hat! :D
Well, hats seem to be in the groove this season! ^-^
I love the colors on some. They seem to blend in together. :3
Speaking of colors, wouldn't it be epic awesome if there was a rainbow color opinion for every item? Now imagine if this hat came in rainbow.. Yep, now you know what im talking about. Instant epic. :D
And it might be patched, but i have to say it looks rather cute on bunnies. ^.^
Wait, scratch that - It looks ADORABLE!!
Anyway, here's the DE post! ^.^
I think narwhals are epic. They're my second favorite fish, the first being dolphins.
Speaking of fish, here's the question of the post!
What's your favorite fish?
It can be ANY fish!
Ok, to wrap it up, i decided to do a new thing on my posts called Quick Facts, which is when i basically tell you a cool fact about an animal on my post. ^.^
Today's fact is ..
Ostriches can run faster than horses, and the male ostriches can roar like lions.
Cya later!
new sig!


  1. do you mean dolphins and narwhals are sea creatures? You said fishes and I was a bit confused. Sorry. just realized it must have been really early when you posted, and you're probably too busy to edit.
    And when you put the hat on your bunny it makes him look like a nature explorer. Haha~<3
    Rubbuddy1, too lazy to log in.

  2. I love dolphins!! But they aren't fish, they are mammals. I also love Swedish fish. -mmmmmm-

  3. b-but Cloudclaws, whales are marine mammals...

  4. Okay guys i fixed the mistake it was 11 PM when i posted. :T
    She does look like a nature explorer, doesn't she? :D
    That's why i wish green was the default color. ^.^

  5. Nice new profile pic, Cloudeh ;)


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