Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Shouldn't we have more nonmember animals?

Hey guys!
Soo yeah. Im gonna do another rant..
You see, these days i feel like AJHQ is coming up with WAY too many member animals. Sure, they are only animals i guess, but there has been tons of new animals in Jamaa lately .. and not a SINGLE one of them is member?
Haven't you ever thought about how upsetting this must be for nonmembers?
To be honest, i never realized there was just so much member animals until i went into one of my nonmember storages - and realised only SIX animals where All-Jammers. Just think about it now - only six! 
Don't you think nonmembers deserve more animals?
Just because members paid, it doesn't mean they should get nearly all animals.
This has been happening ever since the racoons came out - it has been members, members, MEMBERS!

Yes, members paid. Yes, AJHQ needs money. But don't you think AJHQ should also think about the feelings of nonmembers?
They might not have paid, but they still deserve more! D:
(sorry about the short post.. i didn't have much time. What do you think about it, though?)


  1. Agreed. I really hope that the new animal will be non member. And even though im a member, I still want non mems to have a bit more stuff.

    1. maybe otters will be non member... hope so!

  2. Replies
    1. exactly! Love the blog! i use this blog for inspiration for my blog!

  3. Also I read your other blog the animal jam jewel :)

  4. There are 8 nm animals. wolf tiger bunny panda koala monkey penguin seal

  5. I totally agree and the dimand shop is not very cool :( and the last nonmember animal make was like.................... i cant even remeber!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FOREVER a member blogger finally understands what nm have to go through and dedecate a whole post to fairness! (summons 100 magical penguins to cheer THANK YOU)

  7. Agreed. But its not the members fault right?
    Its ajhq fault. I mean members pay but it does not make them bad right? Cos one day I logged on and a gang of nm wolves starting fighting me and ranting cos i was a member. It was also the day kangaroos came out. But ya. Do u guys think its ajhq fault or members fault?

  8. I want new non member animals for my friend. She is nm and she wishes hyenas or eagles were non member. Her user is emilywindsnap1 and she will get membership soon when she is member i will delete this comment.Please treat non members equal! ~lexi0705

  9. Eagles should be non member.


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