Monday, 5 May 2014

Alphas: Before the DE redesign and after.

Hiya jammers! :D
Soo.. today i was just exploring the Daily Explorer's new layout, looking at the new Alpha pictures. But suddenly, i thought about how both pictures represent their personalities on different ways ...
So here's Liza before the redesign.
It seems like to me that Liza looks wise, calm and collected in this picture, which suits her personality quite well in my opinion. ^.^
And here's her after ..
Here she looks more adventurous, and it also seems like she's the sort of person who is always travelling and meeting new animals - and that safari is a perfect way of showing that. :3
And, well, i think it would be safe to say that Liza IS adventurous and always meeting new jammers.
Anyway, here's Greely before the redesign:
Here, he looks dark and mysterious as always. However, in my opinion he looks a teeny bit too evil here.
I have to say that this picture suits Greely more even though the old one also suited him.
The pose makes him look more mysterious, and the "volcano" theme also suits him very well as he used to study the phantoms there in Greely's Inferno.
Sir Gilbert in this picture looks quite proud and brave, he also looks tougher and mightier here. 

And here.. Well, as you can see he hasn't really changed that much, but to me he looks more courageous and "ready for anything" in the new picture. ^.^
And here's Peck's version before the redesign!
Sorry to say this, but the old picture doesn't really suit Peck. I mean sure, she's creative and super energetic, but not in the face-pulling kind of way!
(and isn't that meant to be rude? o_o)
Now, this picture suits Peck waaay better.
Those patches represent Peck's creativity, and the way she's holding a paintbrush shows that she's a big fan of art.
She also looks quite happy and energetic here. ^.^
Graham looks curious here, and all i have to say that this picture matches his personality perfectly.
Here's him after the redesign! :3
He's more like "Hey guys look i invented something amazing!" rather than curious. XD
I actually think that both pictures suit his personality in different ways. :3
And last but not least: Cosmo!
In my opinion, here he looks more powerful, and all ready for the adventures, you know? c;
In this one.. it looks more like he's in his garden, just walking peacefully and watering the plants. ^.^
What do you think about the pictures?


  1. I don't like the eyes on redesigned Greely. I like Graham just like that. I think the original Peck looked playful. And it seems to me that Cosmo is shorter than he's supposed to be.

  2. I love the lizas new picture :DDD

  3. Hey!
    I am voiletlol.
    I really liked all the pictures!
    They were cool!
    What program did you use?

  4. I think the old pictures are way better


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