Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Waterfall Sprinkler

Heya jammers! ^.^
Today's new item is the Waterfall sprinkler, which is sold in Jam-Mart furniture. :3
Pretty, neat, don't you think so? :3
I just love how the sprinkler moves.. i could just keep on watching it forever. :D
Look! Here's a screenshot i captured when the sprinkler was in a weird pose. XD
They look more like.. more like those thingies that come out of the pool ... what are they called? >.<
They're like the waterfall sprinkler but they shoot upwards. c:
What do you think of the new item? Good? Bad? Meh?
Well, on the other hand the Heatwave party seems to be up and running! :D
Just splashin' around.. i love playing with water. :3
I wish it was summer here as well, so i could splash around too. ;-;
Ohhh! A shop! ^-^
Ahh well. Same old stuff as last year.
It might be exciting if you joined this year though! ^.^
Has anyone ever tried a carrot and apple smoothie? Its delicious. ^.^
Warning: you might not like it, depending on your taste. o_o
And the best part of it all is..
I really wish i could go on a waterslide, they sound super-duper fun.
Anyone every been to a waterslide here? How was it like? ^.^
Well on the other hand, here's the Weekly Question! C:
What new games would you like to see in the Summer Carnival?

P.S I updated the Plushie Comic Blog! click here to have a visit!


  1. It is spring here in NY, and I have never been on a water slide. I want a bouncy house in the summer carnival and a snack making booth with pretzels,chips, and cupcakes!

  2. I have been on a water slide, but it was just a small slide with a hose poring water on it XD. I'm so exited for the summer carnival!!! I don't know about new games, but I am exited to play the phantom balloon popper game, and wack a phantom. Also, COTTON CANDY!!!!!

  3. i have been on a water slide before its sooo fun i have been on a lot reallly even tho i live in a small town without a water park i live close to a Hurricane harbor and i went on vacation with my bff to it plus i when with afew friends ones and i went to a 5 year olds party that had a air slide with water pouring down it so yeah i think in the summer carnival they should have phantom pop like balloon pop but the balloons look like phantoms also the should have better stuff in the store just say cuz last yea there where hardly any good nm stuff so yeah



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