Thursday, 29 May 2014

Thursday's cool update

Hiya jammers! ^-^
We all know it's Thursday, so it can only mean ... 
The long awaited Hyenas are finally here! :3
*Suddenly sees the word "Diamond Shop" in capital letters*
Nuuu! ;-; 
I knew it! It's such a shame ... *sigh*
We get so few animals that are at least brought for gems. And it's even worse for the Nonmembers! They haven't had a new animal in ... ages. :C
At least their dance action is pretty darn awesome though. ^.^
So pro. <3
On the other hand, AJ Jump has gone on clearance! :D
I have Google Play, so yay! c:
AJ Jump is also my favorite app so far. ^.^
And i also love the Kangaroo pets on AJ! There soo adorable! =^_^=
What's your favorite pet in AJ?
Meanwhile, the Summer Carnival seems to have made it's way into Jamaa. :)
Unfortunately, it's still the same old games as last year, however, it's still as fun! :D
There is ONE thing i don't like about the Summer Carnival though ...
(well not really lol. But the moon hat is freaky if you ask me)
Abandoning the subject of ^,  A new party is up on Animal Jam! ^.^
Yaay, the cruise ship party! ^-^
You know, the idea of being on a cruise ship always seemed epic to me. Just cruising along the waves with the boat gently rocking ....
Wha- Where where we?!
Ohh yes, that's right. A new feature that's FINALLY for nonmembers! ^.^
I introduce you.. 
The small wooden den portal!
D'aww, it's so small and cute. <3
It's way better then those gigantic ones in my opinion. ^.^
Anyway, continuing on with the sixth page! 
By the looks of it, it's gonna be the Spirit Armor. 
So jammers, what do you think of the update? ^.^


  1. yay 1st anywho im kinda glad that the new animal is finally here abd yess a non member portal too bad its for 1 diamond but lucky i have 2!1 so yay...and i use to have aj jump but then my tablet broke but i just got a new one so yay i can buy it again!!


  2. I don't think AJ Jump will ever be removed, so it's not on clearance, just a sale. :P.

  3. *looks at moon hat**screams her head off* Must you put a picture?!?!

  4. Do you know why I love Monday's, Friday's and Thursday's? Well, I like Friday's because after Friday's, there are Saturday's (rest-day)!

    I love Monday's because it's a day where all Jammers (or members) may get rares! Well, not that rares matter, anyway.

    Lastly, I love Thursday's because... it's Animal Jam's UPDATE-DAY! And that's today, all right!

    So, I'll tell y'all what I think about today's update. I think hyenas are pawsome and clawtastic! They look fun to play with, aye? Though, yet again a new animal is in The Diamond Shop, member-only, and is for TEN diamonds. I also think hyenas dance phan-tastic!

    AJ Jump is on sale? Yippee, I have to get that app before it becomes the second of June! Help, help :p.

    Woohoo! The Summer Carnival is back! I bought some tickets, and won them, too! Now, I have 4,255 tickets! Yeah, I know, so few... compared to many others Dx. Oh, well! AHHH! The Moon Hat's in mah face D-':!

    Huh? The Cruise Ship Party is back? Uh-huh! I can't believe it. I really miss that party! *Tears of joy*

    Let's celebrate! I just bought my non-member Wooden Den Portal for one diamond! Now, I only have four diamonds. Was it worth-it :p? By the way, the NM Den Portal CHANGES COLORS ITSELF! Pawsome. But, I really wish I could get the underwater Den Portal... it's only for members when I checked it out :'-(.

    Gah, The Spirit Armor is coming back! Again...? I think so (I think it's The Spirit Armor).

    This morning when I played Animal Jam, a Jammer called me: "beach". You know what that means, right? Yup. Luckily, I talked with Animal Jam HQ :,-D! That Jammer's username is: Flowerandpetals.

    I don't even know Flowerandpetals! Then, she randomly called me a bad word! What the? She just said: "HEY!"

    Then, my friend: Bellaismydog2 went offline. Then, Flowerandpetals said: "U."

    I did a question mark, reffering to where my buddy was, and then finally, Flowerandpetals said: "BEACH".

    Meanie :-(! Anyway, sorry if my comment's so... long. 'Ya know... :p


    1. Okay, so I was googling my username (don't ask) and found this, and I'm CONFUSED. I don't remember this, what's your user (if you're active still uh)


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