Sunday, 23 February 2014

Mushroom Molecules

Hey jammers! Today's brand new item is the Leprechaun Shoes. :)
They kinda remind me of the elf boots. :P
I think these shoes would look, adorable on bunnies, and im gonna show you a cute lil' outfit tomorrow if i get a Leprechaun hat. ^.^
Speaking of Leprechaun hats, the Lucky party seems to have returned to Jamaa. :D
 Argh, too bad it's in 2 hours. Ill be in bed by then. >.<
I can't wait for the party though. I hope its on tomorrow, then ill be able to give you a tour of it. C:
Meanwhile, AJHQ has released a new video for eagles, i think its quite nice.
And also, here's a really fun thing to try out on the AJ Academy!
I love the Animal Jam Academy, it always comes up with awesome ideas.
And yes, to think of it, i have wondered what a real molecule looks like...Im gonna search it up on Google Images.
So that's pretty much how a molecule looks. :P
And i also found this really cool one.
The shape is so awesome, i wonder what type of molecule that is. :O
That's pretty much all for today jammers, its way past my bedtime.
Hope ya enjoyed, Happy Jamming!


  1. Hmm, it all depends on the elemental atoms it's made of! Like a water molecule; it has two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. This is why it's called, scientifically, h2o. Lots of different materials and resources can be identified by the different types of molecules--fascinating, really!

    1. You're really smart, Nebula! :D
      Congratulations on first comment by za way! *Gives Nebula a stuff pachirisu to hug* :3
      What's yo favorite subject? I like Social Studies. It looks like you're good at Science.

  2. Lucky Party's back already? Coolio!

  3. Leprechaun shoes will match the leprechaun outfit! ^w^ Now I can make my leprechaun foxy. "
    What does the fox say? GIVE ME GIVE ME GIVE ME GOLD!"
    That's what grandpa fox will say, with his ol' pirate teeth uh his. Uh-huh.
    The Leprechaun Shoes look similar to the Elf Shoes Santa made for his little helpers, because of the pointy part. To me. Elf Shoes and Leprechaun Shoes might look the same to you other pokemon's in a different way. Meeeeeeeeeeeeep! I bet Leprechaun Shoes look sooooooooz adorable on bunnies. The Snow Shoes from the Hot Cocoa Hut look cute on them! Speaking of shoes....... my mom got me new shoes a few weeks ago! I tried them on a few days ago for school. They make me run fast, they are so literally AWESOME!!!

    Lucky Party!
    So that's what it was called.....
    There's this song called Happy-Go-Lucky, and it's music is so peaceful!
    And nice to hear. Haz you ever heard it?
    It's 10 AM here, right now.
    I can't wait to explore the Lucky Partay! I wanna go back to mai Lucky memories stored in my head. Sounds awkward. o.o

    A NEW VIDEO!? I'M A GO INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    -Runs to dad and smashes blueberry pie in his face, then dashes off the brother and laughs as he sits on a whoopee cushion, goes to mom and smacks cucumbers on here eyes, painting a mustache on her face-
    New videos of new animals in AJ are EPIC! The "Oh Deer" one was so cute, when the bunny destroyed the deer's scene. Oh, and the cheetah one! I remember his sweater, him getting all tangled up in a big mess.
    And kangaroo! Kicking the phantom to the championship.
    AJHQ should make a lion, arctic wolf, and snow leopard video.

    I'm not interested in learning about molecules, but it's cool you added another subject to your post, instead of just Leprechaun Shoes, and the Lucky Partay, Cloudz! Those are pretty epic pictures you found on the internet. I use Google chrome. When I was young, learning my first time how ta use tha computa, I used Internet Explorer. Google Chrome is way better for me to use, now! :DD
    Which do u use? I probably should have asked you that in the questions area.

    GO PACHIRISU!!!!!!!!

    1. I use Firefox the most, but i also have Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. :3
      And i love Happy-Go-Lucky too, its so cheerful and happy. ^.^

    2. Coolz! :D
      I don't have Firefox, but I have the others. I wouldn't be very happy if my foxy was on fire >.<.
      I agree, too! Peaceful, feels like you wanna groove to the tune.
      AJHQ creates nice music for AJ..... don't ya agree?
      I'm so grateful for the music C:

  4. OMG the shoes r soooooo cute!!! Lol I am so going on when get home :D btw I am

    1. I am going 2 finish my comment ok so I am using my the iPad and ya sooooooooo I am at my piano teacher's house.

      - CMO1st

    2. Chu take piano too?
      I'm going to my piano teacher's house at 5:00

      My day just brightened up. Lolz!

  5. Hm... isn't it a little early for leprechans and such? I'm just sayin'.
    anyway, I think that's a great idea of the aj academy. I'm real interested in chemistry and physics and stuff like that so... yeah.

  6. I love the music from the lucky party


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