Saturday, 22 February 2014

Magic Mirrors

Hey jammers! Today's returning item is the magic mirror, sold in Jam Mart Furniture! ^_^
I actually like the design of the item, it looks great in a Castle or a Fantasy den. :3
And since this Is a magic mirror, why don't i ask it question? :P
So ordinary mirrors are better...?
How odd.
Anyway, meanwhile i was walking in Jamaa, i suddenly noticed this sign at the adventure base camp! :o
So do you think there could be an adventure for eagles only..? :D
What do you think? ^.^
Now for the Daily Explorer post! :)
For some reason, i think the little green frogs are cute. :P
And those are some very interesting facts too. ^.^
Happy jamming!


  1. OMG i cant wait 2 get it :D:D:D:D\


    1. It is just a broken portal


  2. The design of the mirror is amazing!
    It reminds me of Snow-White.
    "Mirror Mirror on the wall,
    whose the fairest of them all?"
    I like how when you click the Magic Mirror, the diamonds on the side and top glow. It's just an incredible idea of AJHQ! ^.^

    I hope it's not for eagles only.
    :C I hate being left out of new adventures.
    But, whatever, as long as I'm still playing AJ, I'm keep cool! =3
    The eagle sign might mean an adventure doing with eagles.

    Green frogs are cute, especially tiny ones!
    Some people think frogs are gross. >:c
    They should stop making fun of frogs by saying their slimy.
    What if they were slimy? Would they like it for people calling them that?
    I certainly don't think soz. o.o

  3. it's a very creative Item, and one of my favorites.
    I'm gonna check AJ to see if my diamond glitch just didn't add 2 more diamonds 'cause it was slow.
    And yes, I fully agree, frogs are adorable. Of course, I thin EVERYTHING is cute except for spiders, creepy deep-see fish, and earwigs, but other than that all animals are adorable. <3

  4. I <3 magic mirrors!! but i hope when the queen says 'whose the fairest one of all' it is her. (If it was me, she is coming after meh! DX ) -glamdiva101

  5. So why the mirror say NO
    (Edison dieu)

  6. It's actually a secret island for eagles with a broken portal on it.Itll be really fun if it was a sky adventure since eagles aren't allowed it go on regular adventures ~mack24230


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