Monday, 3 February 2014

Rare Gardening Hat

Hey jammers! You're probably wondering why im advertising for the contest, wasn't yesterday supposed to be the last day?
Well, you see, I have been trying to pick a winner for half an hour now, and each of them are really good in their own ways. I might have picked the winners, but worst of luck, my parents are going to bed early and im not allowed to stay up on my own. D:
I could have posted earlier, but i just didn't get a chance, i apologize this is taking so long. :(
I haven't got much time right now, so i guess this post will be short.. Today's rare item Monday is the rare Gardening Hat! ^_^
  The colors are really good and pastel, they go fantastic with each other! C:
I think you can make a quite nice outfit with this, but if only it was nonmember and less pricey. ;-;
Now for the DE post! :D
I like how the Monkey is in a winter coat, it looks so cute! ^.^
Happy jamming!


  1. Replies
    1. I didn't mean that as a reply o.o
      Anyway, congrats :3

      Your not? I stay up if I'm writing a story at night, or reading a warrior cats book. Yush, Iz so hard to pick winnerz. But ur mind will decide it, Cloudeh.

      I love the rare gardening hats color! It looks berry pretty! Luckily I'll find an animal that I could use it on ^.^. Do AJHQ double the price for rares? Cause the normal gardening hat is 400 gems. Since this is the rare type, I think they just multiplied how much the normal one cost, because it's rare :P.

      Awesome! Looks COOOOOOOOOL O3O. The monkey and koala (I think it'z a kolala koala O.O) look warmly dressed! FLUFFY COATS :OOOOOOOOO OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I'm kinda worried about the art contest.. I hope mine wins....
    Also, good luck to anyone else who entered, I hope you have a good chance at winning. ^.^

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