Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Heart Rug

Hey jammers! Again, im sorry for not posting. I had fallen asleep yesterday..>.<
I think yesterday's new item was the Nesting Liza Dolls.
I was quite surprised when i saw these as an item, but after a while, they actually seem like a quite creative idea. :3 And it also represents the alphas, which is also good. ^.^
When you buy and and keep clicking, more dolls will pop up. :)
Credit goes to Rockytop2.
I think it would look cute in any den. ^-^
Anyway, on to today's item, the Heart Rug!
Im imagining the rugs in an underwater den..they seem to look good. :P
I would buy a green one and pretend its made out of seaweed, because seaweed is so soft. .o.
Hey, how about AJHQ makes some seaweed rugs? :D
Oh, and the DE posts, lets first start of with the RIM one! ^.^
See the underlined bit? Does this mean there will be a whole new land for birds, and roosters will also come out? :O
And i like the way AJHQ made the picture a GIF showing how it looks on different animals.
Now for the other post! ^.^
Very interesting indeed. :D
I thought it was referred to as the Mantis family too! 
Happy jamming!
P.S: Does anyone have an idea about what else i should post about on this blog other than updates?


  1. well, i LOVE ur blog just as it is. but u could add a video tab :D:D:D just an idea


  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Well, maybe a riddle of the day or jammer artwork would be cool. But your blog is awesome the way it is, I don't think you need to change your blog too much though, it's awesome the way it is. ^.^

  4. Congratulations on first comment, CMO! Congratulations on 2nd, Rubbuddy!
    And I am..... *drumroll*

    Anyways, now I present chu my comment! :
    Yeah, we all sleep when our teachers bore us to death with math lessons.
    I love sleeping, especially when the time has come for the world to go into complete darkness. ^_^
    That was a good idea that AJHQ came up with, I HAVE to give them an applause. Talented artists, always thinking creative things to make AJ fun and INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Can the Nesting Dolls be smaller then the one to the very right in the picture? I hope they can! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
    That would super exciting! :)

    Heart Rugs look fabulous in dens, in my opinion. Seaweed can be slimy too....
    Me and my brother love these seaweed chips from Asian Mart, they taste literally SO GOOD! Yummy! XD

    I'm not sure about the roosters.
    I'll think about it, though :)
    Probably not roosters, because AJHQ said eagles are coming to Jamaa. We can't have two new animals coming out at the same time. But that would be just awesomeness!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Maybe Animal Jam will be selling out rooster clothing? A den item that has to do with a rooster? PET roosters? Hmm..... probably pet, so YAYZ!
    I like their GIF too. I'm glad AJHQ's starting to use other ideas, not just one picture you can glimpse at.
    And I'll watch the video later. I won't miss the chance! Sounds nice learning about Mantids. Whatever those are. x3 Meh.

    Maybe post jammer artwork that you admire very well, or riddles like Rubbuddy suggested. Music videos, your drawings, paintings, pictures and such. Nature scenes, ^.^. Outfits you came up with....
    Honestly, you can add things to your blog to make it more EPIC.
    I love your blog, but just a little improving would be fine by me. :)
    I'm not the boss of you, so sorry if I sound bossy!

    Peace out!
    Keep calm,
    And shine on

    Your terrifying guard dog,

    My new moto!

    1. Lol! Don't worry you weren't bossy at all. ^.^
      I hate sleeping in the day, but i kinda liked to sleep at night because im....tired? :P


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