Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Shamrock Glasses

Hey jammers! Sorry for not posting yesterday.
Today's new item are the Shamrock glasses! ^_^
This item is weird in my opinion. o-o
But i think it looks kind of cool on animals.
And what does the word "shamrock" mean? O_O
Yesterday's item was the emerald ring! ^.^
I like this item. :3
But i think AJHQ should have made a more deeper, darker emerald, that would have been better in my opinion. :)
I want also AJHQ to make an Opal or a Aquamarine ring. What other rings would you like to see on AJ? ^.^
Today i brought a parka and wore it on my arctic wolf. I never knew it was so huge.
And now for the Daily Explorer posts, starting of with the Rare Item Monday! ^.^
Ferroequinology is such a long word that i didn't even read it. :P
But i like the way AJHQ drew the tiger though. :D
Speaking of tigers, today's creature feature is also about a big cat, lions! :)
I love all big cats. :D
I like how Animal Jam is sharing more facts about animals these days, it makes it more educational. ^-^
That's all for today, but before saying goodbye, i just wanted to tell you..
We have had 710 pageviews the day before!
Oh wow, im amazed! :O
THanks so much everyone :D We have also reached over 3000 pageviews!
Goodbye for now! :3


  1. I am not a fan of the shamrock glasses either. Idk but i am not a fan of aj rings

  2. the rig is really big an my Artic wolf and the glasses............ i am not going 2 wast my gems on those XD


  3. You don't know what the world shamrock means or was that sarcasm. It's an another word for clover. Any way the glasses are to human for me.


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