Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Night of the phantoms is back

Hey jammers! im sorry im missing out on posts lately.. i seem to be loosing interest in blogging and might have a little break soon off blogger soon.
Anyway, Halos are back!

Yay! ^.^ i bought 2 of them, i recycled them
a long time ago and wanted them back soon after 
so im pretty happy :D And here's yesterday's two epic new items!

Ok... it's kinda creepy but is totally EPIC!
Perfect for a halloween costume! October also
brings the epic opal birthstone.

I love their epic rainbowy-ness i almost
love them as much as aquamarines :D
It kinda looks like the Australian flag.. with the blue color
and the white spots being the stars, don't you think? o.o
By the way, jamaa township is now all spooky!

I love jamaa township when its the night of the phantoms ^.^
(except for the part that Mira's gone...) Anyway
i got my art plaque!

OMZ! :D but it wasn't my artwork.. it was from
the photo booth :I AJHQ hates my art D:
Anyway, happy jamming and have a happy night of the phantoms!



  1. First comment! Yay!
    Halos huzzah! :D
    Btw, you get ARTISTIC PLAQUES for submitting and getting selected for a phooto booth thingy? O.o
    Imma send AJ the photo booth thingy immediately. :P

  2. congrats cloudclaws. I got thumbs up plaque by sending a letter to aj in real, click the section contact us , go down to the bottom of your page you will see. I was waiting this item for 1 year and finally i got it!!!! I don't really like the thanksgiving items. The jamaalidays are 100% epic.


  3. i am new to this blog


  4. Cool (about the art plaque)! I have one too (from awhile ago). Picture: in space, with a winged white cat, sun, moon, Earth, and some stars.
    Im new to this blog too


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