Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Scorpion tail armor

Hey jammers! today's new item is the scorpion tail armor!
I think this is the best piece of the scorpion armor. :3 
Pity there isn't any member pieces though.... Anyway, now
wouldn't it be cool if every armor had its own special attack for the adventures?
Like a tornado for the wind armor, breathing fire for the phoenix armor and if
water, snow and earth armors do come maybe the water armor could make waves (really strong ones) and im not really sure about the earth armor.. What do you think it should be? :3
Now for the daily mystery!
 What new adventures do you think there will be? 
What kind of adventure would you like?
Explain your adventure and feel free to share your ideas!
 happy jamming


  1. I agree with the special attacks. I think 1 armor should be non member. The scorpion armor can flick its tail and poison the phantoms

  2. Um a new adventure could be a similar one to great escape but maybe escape to jamaa

  3. Ooh, that special attacks thing sounds cool. ^-^

  4. Hmm this would have to be something with greely because he was suspicious in great escape.


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