Monday, 28 October 2013

Rare Elf Braclets

Hey jammers! today's Rare is the rare scary elf braclets!
Pricey and members-only.. *sigh* but still i like the colors of this rare :3
Perfect for my Night Of the phantoms costume! :D
Like it? :3
Anyway, i missed out on the new scorpion armor! >.< 
Pretty awesome right? Its great how its in epic wonders, i hope AJHQ
makes a snow armor and water armor too :D Maybe AJHQ could
make a bat armor! Ok this is kinda unrelated but i have been wanting AJHQ to make a 
tail warmer it the Mt. Shiveer shoppe! ^-^ I also have lots of other clothing ideas like a rainbow armor! :D What other ideas do you have? ^.^ Anyway, lets go back on the topic.
I find it weird the the scorpion claws hover around the animals o-o
Very weird O-o But hey, they do make a good combination right?
happy jamming!



  1. Those claws certainly do look weird. o.e

    But, the cuffs are simply divine! :P

  2. I know! The bracelets are a lot nicer than I thought they'd be.

  3. i saw you put me on the front page XD

    1. i wanted ice armour similar to snow armour still no reply from AJHQ darn

  4. The scorpion claws are really weird. Some stuff are glitchy especially on arctic wolf like tuxedo.

  5. I love the elf bracelets though i agree they are a little to pricy and member.

  6. MEH! aj is making way too much member stuff. Give them nonmembers a break! D:

  7. Hai Cloud its me pawsome300's "media center". I agree the bracelets match the scary antlers, although I wish there were nm rares once in a while. Yeah, I've noticed they float...Have you tried them on the koala? They might not float, but they'd probably look weird...

    1. um i donno what to say DX why did i comment???? DX


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