Thursday, 3 October 2013

Giant phantom

Hey jammers! today's returning item- the Giant phantom is sold at Jam mart clothing!

700 gems? this should be sold in epic 
wonders O_O Anyway, i like this item :P Do
you think its a plushie or a balloon? i think balloon
because of the tiny knot on its top ^.^ Now for another returning item!

The phantoms lights! :D Did you notice
they go in a pattern? up and down up and down..
You may have noticed we have reached 34 follows! :D thanks
for following guys! ^.^ I hope to get to 40 before the end of the
year... or maybe 50 if im lucky. OR MAYBE 60 >:D (nevermind that's impossible)
Play wild everyone!
P.S like my new profile? 



  1. HEY!! Geytting 60 followers is not IMPOSSIBLE! Because THERE IS NO SUCH WORD!! Cause Impossible says " Im Possible" And thus they joined it to make Impossible.. Get it? Im-possible

  2. Hehe I followed u when u took the pictures :D remember when we just said random stuff XD your friends Madarus and xsnowflakecloudfangx

  3. You already have 36 or more followers. How can't you have 60.
    I'm sure you will have it in a few months. :D
    And I agree with Kukky Pandey. He/she's right. im-possible. :D

  4. i am still new here


  5. This is a very beautiful blog! It looks really nice! I thought that the Giant Phantom was in Epic Wonders last year.

  6. 10,000 viewers!!!!!!!! congrats!!!!!



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