Sunday, 13 October 2013

Skeleton Mask

Hey jammers!
Sorry for the late post, i just woke up after a long nap. >.< I see we have reached 36 follows! :D
Im aiming to get 40 by the end of the year, i don't really know what i will do when we reach our goal though. Maybe a contest or a party? hmm..
Anyway, today's returning/new item is the Skeleton mask, sold at Bahari

I think i saw these in stores before but im not really sure actually....
I never actually saw a skull this round either O_O
Pretty cheap compared to other items! :D 
Anyway, an item from yesterday is the pumpkin mask!
Sorry jammers, its really hard to keep track of the new items coming
out everyday >_< Anyway, its not really scary bit its so weird that
its scary XD Has anyone noticed that all new items are member? :(
Now for the daily mystery!

In the appondale, there's a cave which leads to somewhere.
There's a view of mountains in the background, it seems to lead here:
 When do you think it'll come out? And
what will the land me named? what will it look like? what games or shops
do you think will be there? Feel free to share your opinion!
happy jamming!


  1. Hey cloudclaws.Hmm it would be cool if they made a sky world with a parrot animal,am i dreaming?


  2. Can you add my blog to your blog list sorry i didn't post this on your blog section but on my computer it glitched for some reason.My blog is Thx.


  3. Teh Skeleton Mask matches with de Skeleton Suit :3 (it'es sometimes used in Underwater Best Dressed) GO GET EM CANDY XD!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think it's where all the Alphas meet, form plans to make Jamaa a better place, keep Alpha Spirit stones in every color, and so on. :D I got an idea on my mind ^.^

    1. Also, if it's ever a new land, there should be a pathway to Mt.Shiveer! And that cave? It could connect with da new land if it ever comes out :DD! And then Crystal Sands wouldn't have to connect with Mt.Shiveer anymore probably. :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD XD


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