Thursday, 31 October 2013

Phantom cannon

Hey jammers! Happy Halloween! ^.^ Today's new item is the phantom cannon!
Pretty cool, right? ^.^ They're basically cannon balls with 
eyes. Notice the actual spooky bit? they LOOK at you. o-o
Too bad its pricey and member.. but cool items are pricey i guess. XD
Anyway, has anyone noticed a difference in the diamond shop's animal shop?
If you didn't notice, the animals have been flipped the other way.
Which way do you think was better? To be honest, the Arctic wolf looks a bit
odd flipped the other way.. I think i liked the other way best. ^.^ 
Happy jamming and have a clawtastic Night Of The Phantoms!


  1. Happy Halloween to u too!! Also I love that ur blog is .. well one of the blogs I ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS look at :D

  2. Happy Halloween.I agree that the animals now look a little better. I wish that cannon was cheaper if it was i would've bought it D:

  3. Wow, didn't notice that with the animals.
    Happy Halloween!!!

    1. Thanks everyone, Happy Halloween to you all too! ^.^

    2. Happy Halloween although it was yesterday

  4. um cloud you didn't make a titile it was hard for me to click DX

  5. I al so think that the animals look bigger anyone else think that
    I think you blog is great


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