Friday, 18 October 2013

Taking a break..

Hey jammers!
As the title says, im going to be taking a break of posting.
Im sorry jammers, i just seem to be loosing interest these days,
and my posts are becoming less and less interesting so i thought it would be
best to take a break. How long will it take? well, i don't really know.
It might take 3 days, a few weeks or even a month. Probably between 3 days
and a week, i don't think it will last for very long because i do love posting but
i just don't feel like it these days. Ill still be on AJ
though and comment every now and then, Im sorry jammers but ill be back so see you later! :3


  1. I have as well. It's ok, everyone needs a break.

    1. i don't seem why everyone needs a break it is so anoying

    2. i don't see why either

  2. thnx for seeing my blog author tryouts gonna strt

  3. Oh, okay. Ik, people get tired after posting everyday. :D
    Enjoy your break, but remember to return soon. :)

  4. Maybe you can do author tryouts?

  5. Aww! D: I hope you come back soon!!

  6. Of course everyone needs a break some point if you post.I still really love your blog :D

  7. I feel the same thing :C Just about commenting and playing Animal Jam. I don't play it much anymore because there's not really drama. I love my friends (That means they're GREAT friends), but I'm not interested in AJ that much :'(

    And.... my dad left. He's going to be 2 weeks in Philippines picking up my moms parents, and doing more stuff. I miss my dad :'(

  8. f f f f f f f f uuuuuuuuuugggggggggggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!


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