Saturday, 5 October 2013

Studded wristband

Hey jammers! im sorry for the late post, i was reeally tired today o_o So todays post will be short.. sorry D: Anyway, like we have predicted, the studded wristband has come out!
Credit goes to Rockytop2
Pretty cool! i wounder if other collars will come out ^.^
The feathered mask had also returned!

Credit goes to Rockytop2
I didn't notice these where gone O.O so pricey..D:
And the bat sombstone and the vampire
 mask has also returned!
Credit goes to Rockytop2
Pretty spooky! :O sorry jammers thats all i have for now!
Happy jamming!


1 comment:

  1. Candy >:3

    Yay Feather Mask! Me happeh XD I WANTED ONE SO BADLY EVER SINCE! Also, chu made a spelling mistake! Chu said "sombtone" it's tombstone X3 Da Vampire Mask is pretty cool! With it's scary looks, MWAHAHAHAHAHA >:D XD


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