Friday, 4 October 2013

Monster teeth and frankenstein mask

Hey jammers! We have gotten over 10000 veiws! :D Thanks everyone! Today's 2 returning items sold at jam mart furniture are the Monster Teeth and Frankenstein Mask!

Yay! :D Finally at least one nonmember item! Have you
noticed AJHQ is being really unfair to nonmembers these
says? they made the chat history unavailable to nonmember accounts
Seriously AJHQ? *sigh*  Anyway, now for the daily mystery
noted by Kukky12345!

In the corner of Jamaa township, there's
a river that leads to somewhere. Where do you think
it leads? Do you think it will be a shortcut to somewhere soon?
Feel free to share your ideas in the comments!
Play wild!



  1. first to comment i am seeing you on line right now cloudclaws :D


  2. ;D Lol there u go! Plenty more where those came from! Also Cloud I noticed in appondale there is a place where u can find the mole (journey book) and it leads to something...

  3. What are monster teeth worth? I have the red ones with white teeth

  4. i have rare monster teeth waht are they worth?


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