Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Mummy masks

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Hey jammers! See the little text at the top? Please do
read my newest story because i worked very hard on it D: and yes its also
a Monday mystery story. Whenever i log onto AJ there's a connection problem for some
reason >.< So i will have to use Snowyclaw's picture.
Today's returning item is the Mummy mask!
 Credit to Snowyclaw
Wow..It looks so spooky O_O the purple eyes and everything..
So many items are returning and i wounder of AHQ will make
New items ^_^ Now, has anyone
noticed that how unfair AJHQ is being to nonmembers these days? Almost
ALL new items are member, and this has to stop! We don't want AJ
to be like club penguin do we? Everything members, members
blablabla. Nonmembers have their reasons to BE nonmembers, some parents don't have
enough money and some are strict about money and some don't let their children have memberships.
I mean some nonmembers might get SO fed up they might quit! Even though im a member,
im starting to be fed up of new items being members only, Now, AJHQ also made seeing chat history a members-only thing. This HAS to stop! We must make seeing chat history a nonmember and member thing again! Now think of club penguin, almost everyone is a member and almost no nonmembers so not many people are actually here to BECOME one. Many people quit because of Club penguins unfairness to nonmembers. We don't want AJ to become like that do we? Think about nonmembers. Almost all new items are nonmember these days, and how do you think they feel? Sad of course. I mean they cant accept gifts, so they have to trade and i think that's really unfair. And then chat history is made members only, and now 10 billion member items on top of this??
AJHQ is going way to far and THIS. NEEDS. TO. STOP. 
Don't take me wrong, i don't hate members or nonmembers, i think we nonmembers and members are equal and will always be. Im sorry if i bored you with that, i was REALLY fed up and felt that i need to let it out. Oh, and by the way, click here to go to the Animal Jam Nonmember. They have made the nonmember movement and they also give nonmembers colored items too and nonmember den ideas ^_^
Happy jamming!


  1. I read your story it is pawsome ^.^ and yup the new items are mostly members but I've seen the monday rares non-members so I totally find it as a 50/50 and yeah non-members have a reason to be non member like me :P. I don't usually visit CP now though i really want it to be fair too... And yeah i should visist the Animal Jam Nonmember thanks for giving me the site address cloud! But this must end we need to be fair every one has rights,freedom and justice!

  2. I agree with you! There IS a game where there is no member stuff and its called Transformice!
    - GeneralFluffy

  3. I agree. AJ should really stop it, oh and I'm reading your story. I've read one-fourth so far and it's really nice. ;)
    Thumbs up for you. :D

    1. O.O
      I just noticed myself in the River Commentors gadgets. Oh my, thanks a lot. :D
      I'll be doing more comments. :P

    2. I was wondering, where do you find that commentors gadget? I couldn't find it anywhere. :P
      I'm new to blogger, maybe like 5 weeks. :O

  4. I agree, AJ should make more Non-member items, but members should get what they pay for. Would it really be fair to pay $50 and get pretty much no extra items or privileges? I mean Come on! that's unreasonable. Member's got to get their monies' worth.

  5. I am so so sorry that i couldn't comment for a bit. Tests take away me from animal jam.AJHQ should do at least 3 items a week nm.i agree a little with meow that we need to get our extra items and stuff. for me it is a half and half vote. Maybe you should make a poll about that.


  6. The Mummy Mask is SPOOKEH :3!!!!!!

    Members and non-members are da same in everything, all except they're called non, they can't buy items, and go to member parties >.< It's kind of like not inviting the non-members :( Not being able to buy member items, it's as if saying "Chu don't have enough to afford this" when they actually do.... and only getting 1 pet and can't wash or dress it, is like saying "don't get my sparkly new outfit on your dirty hamster :C So totally, AJHQ needs to be more fair, and they might make more member items non-member in da future ^-^

    ~NyanChocoa sorry for typos if there are any o.o

    1. I agree! One or two nonmember items here or there would be nice. Animal Jam wouldn't be Animal Jam without nonmembers. :D

      And no, I didn't see any typos. :)

    2. True, because non-members are epic too ^_^



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