Saturday, 26 October 2013

The Great Escape

Hey jammers! Im back from my break! ^.^ Sorry it took so long, i haven't
really been feeling well lately. Lots have happened when
i was gone, but lets start off with the new adventure! :D
I have done the adventure and its really exciting! :D It levels you up alot,
its a bit shorter than The Hive but a great adventure! I like how you play Wind
Rider to escape out of the tower. ^.^ When the adventure ends, it feels like its going to be continued
so it makes it even more exciting! ^.^ The alphas that appear there are Cosmo and Greely. I was kinda expecting Graham to be there too =P 
I hope AJHQ makes more nonmember adventures too.. im kind of worried
that AJHQ won't D: Anyway, here is today's returning item!
Phantom hats! ^.^ I like this item its cute :3 and its also
cheap! Now for the Daily Mystery!
Where do these flowers come from?
How do they change color?
Do they have any special powers?
Feel free to comment your opinion!
Play Wild!


  1. I kinda like that it's shorter. :D You can still get cool prizes and gems, and it only takes a few minutes!

    1. Yay you are back from your break sadly AJHQ isn't being fair members now have 3 aventures for themsevles very selfish AJHQ but nevermind

    2. i have now changed/updated my name i like the aventure it's awesome

  2. I like this adventure more than any because it has the background and has a complete thought. What i mean by complete thought i mean the adventure was so cool. I think aj will make a non member adventure cloudclaws don't lose hope. I think the flowers were from the adventures maybe they are poisonous? P.S welcome back!

  3. katsumawhitefang aj26 October 2013 at 15:41

    Hi cloud claws! I was so happy when I saw you have came back!

    1. me 2 thats why i commented XD XD XD :D :))

  4. I just want to say about the mystery i think the flowers were made by zios and they had this potion in them so they can change colors.

  5. omg i just played the great escape i cant stop commenting its so fun ^.^

  6. do not search up my user name or i will be angry >:( i will not accept buddy requests or bad letters also reporting and blocking reply to this if you do >:(


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