Thursday, 20 June 2013

i got a kangaroo!

hey jammers sorry for not posting yesterday anyway there's even more betas returning..


picture credit goes to snowyclaw

i was thinking AJHQ to bring back a few betas
and i bet their going to bring back all of them.
does AJHQ really want to lose jammers? i don't even know now..

anyway theirs a new series in the diamond shop!

i love this series! ^.^ i already got the wings and amulet.
but all of these are members DX i really wish just one of the phoenix items
where non member

and now as the title says i HAVE gotten a kangaroo today!

meet Misterwonkybuddy! ^.^ as i said earlier these
gift cards are only sold in Australia for now and just
in case your woundering i got it from EB games an australian
game store. if you cant find one at EB games go to target.
but the bad thing about being a kangaroo is everyone crowds around you
asking "where did you get it?" today a million people said the same thing.
Happy jamming!
(i will be posting about the adventures tomorrow i haven't got much time now)


  1. Today's update was epic ^.^! Your so lucky to have a kangaroo btw :3! Yours is so cute! And I wonder why jammers keep on asking where did you get it? I'm pretty sure where you get the kangaroo, the answer was already spread out world wide (not in earth X3) in AJ =P!

    1. Btw first comment up there XD

  2. Congrats on getting a Kangaroo!!!
    -SilkBeautyBlossom ^.^

  3. I tried going to but they don't have a Kangaroo Gift card. I searched "Animal Jam 3 Month Membership Gift Card". Anyways, CONGRADULATIONS, and sorry about my buddy who annoyed you. Oh gosh, I hope she doesn't see this comment /)_(\

  4. So, I was wondering were you can get them in Dalls TX , If you get info please tell me!!

    Sincerely Anonymous

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