Tuesday, 11 June 2013

teapots return :D

hey jammers! teapots have returned to jam mart clothing!

i think its great that they are back!
but some of you jammers worked so hard to earn these betas
sorry for all those jammers!

i wounder if teacups will come back! ^.^

 anyway AJHQ posted on the daily explorer

and also sorry for not posting yesterday about the monday rare
anway happy jamming!



  1. You have really good blog! its awesome!!!

  2. I am mad they came back because I had like two sets of them. Wait they are sold in Jam-Mart-Clothing?

  3. Nope Jam Mart Furniture :)! Don't be that mad, at least you can get all the colors now :D! But I feel sorry fur you too...

  4. Today's New item is the teacup, o well I guess to go with the tea pot...


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