Saturday, 8 June 2013

First phantom war

hey jammers today i decided to make a legends page and write legends and stories in it! so here's my first one practice makes perfect.

It all started before beta when the first phantom war was just starting. jamaa was in huge danger by the phantoms, Mira couldn't let this land get ruined so she sent the Arctic wolf shaman, Icy to go on a jorney to discover the magic gemstone in the mountains that will protect the land forever.

Icy accepted and set of to unknown mountains she climbed and climbed then she saw a tiny rock of an emerald, this must be a piece of the magic gemstone she thought i must be getting  close. she climbed on till she found a huge green emerald shining in the sunlight on the highest peak of the mountain she climbed on and finally reached the emerald. this must be it she puffed, the magic gemstone! she dragged the emerald out and slided down with it because it was the easiest way to get down with a huge gemstone. greely was waiting at the end of the mountain. so this is the magic gemst- then she slided on a piece of ice and fell off the mountain and disappeared into the sparkling sea of snow... no! shouted greely but it was too late. greely sighed sadly and carried the gemstone to the other alphas. whatever is the matter? asked Graham. Icy fell of the mountain and disappeared suddenly.. Liza sighned and said we have to find a new alpha for the arctic wolfs Icy will be missed by all of us.

 they set of to the arctic wolf mountains and found none. they searched for hours maybe when Icy left all the arctic wolfs left as well.. said Liza.suddenly the sky filled with darkness and thunder or maybe they got chased out by the phantoms! said peck. we will deal with this later said sir gilbert we have to help the others! they ran to the main land carring the gemstone Amelia had been digging a hole to hide the gemstone in. there was a hidden cave on canyons pathway for the wounded jammasians or the ones too scared to fight cosmo was inside preparing the herbs for the fight. peck dug some holes as an emergancy hiding place from the phantoms.Graham made some weopons for the jamaasians who had joined the fight Greely and Sir gilbert would use weopons as well to fight of the phantoms. suddenly the phantoms invaded the dark skies. The war had begun.

part 2 will be coming soon!



  1. I love part 1 ^.^!!! I never knew you had a blog! It's pawsome c:! I voted TOTALLY! on the Do you like my blog? question btw ^.^!

  2. Thats an epic Part I!!! Check out my blog
    I am too lazy to make a link

  3. Epic story hope you do part two


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