Sunday, 16 June 2013

Liza's story

chapter 1
we all know the panda shaman, liza which was pretty much the first person in jamaa you ever met and welcomed you there but no one knows her beginning..

it all started in a small bamboo forest when panda called liza was born.

Liza was very brave and adventurous. she had many advetures with her friends in the bamboo forest, but what she really wanted was to find out what was beyond the bamboo forest, her ma had told her about the humans that lived beyond the bamboo forest in a small town, she knew humans where dangerous but on the other side of the bamboo forest was a big mountain no one in the bamboo forest knew what was behind it. so she set of to yet another adveture to discover what was beyond the big mountain, she set of with her 6 best friends. so they set off walking through the bamboo forest till they came to the river. there was no bridge on the river so they had to swim across one of her friends was not a good swimmer so she coudn't come.

the others continued walking through the bamboo forest untill they came across the mountain. 2 of her friends stayed behind because pandas aren't very good at climbling mountains but that didn't stop Liza! She pulled out a rope from her bag and threw it on one of the rocks the 3 pandas climbed holding the rope tightly. Half way through the mountain, they decided to have a quick snack of bamboo leaves and continued climbing on, at last they reached the top of the mountain. Wow we made it! Said Liza looking at the huge medow that lay beyond. Was this where she was going to stop? No, she had tons more to discover! They climbed down the mountain and into the medow.

 They had a huge lunch and had a relaxing swim in a fresh,clean river not far was A small wood suddenly the 3 of them enjoying the medow they heard some screams from the woods all the forest animals where running away from something.. Liza looked closer to see what was going onall of a sudden she heard a tree crash the humans are destroying the woods! Thought liza one of her friends ran away scared from the humans, the humans where getting closer and closer to them..

chapter 2
Did Liza run away? No, she cared about the forest animals 
stop destroying the poor animals homes! growled Liza at the humans. the humans glanced at Liza and ignored her. they cut down the rest of the wood, all that was remaining was 7 trees. the poor animals where homeless now, Liza felt sorry and angry at the humans.
Time for the bamboo forest now! said one of the humans. no this cant be! thought Liza My home will be destroyed all because of the humans! She knew she had to help! she ran towards the humans hiding in bushes and trying hard not to be seen. when she came to the mountain a shadow appeared out of nowhere,it had tentacle like arms and one evil eye looking at Liza. her friend ran away in fear but Liza didn't, she backed away a little wondering weather to fight or stand, the shadow zapped Liza with its tentacle OUCH! she screamed, she growled at the phantom and got ready to claw when suddenly a blue beam of light came towards the shadow and destroyed it, a blue-grey heron made out of light landed in front of Liza. who are you? asked Liza, im the sky mother Mira, she replied "that was a phantom young one, you have been chosen to be the panda alpha of a magical land called jamaa that me and Zios, the sky father decided to create, you will guide new jammers that came to this land." And so, Mira took Liza to the magical land of jamaa. "this is your new home" said the sky father Zios, "decorate it however you want" the two of them smiled and disappeared into light. Liza looked at her new home, it had a small bamboo forest so Liza built a bamboo hut and thinked how she should decorate this land. She decided it was going to be a township for animals to have fun and chat, on the top on the land right next to the bamboo forest she built a statue of Mira,this was where she would welcome all the new jammers who came to jamaa.

The End.



  1. Nice story! What about the end of the Phantom Story...

  2. :O That's an awesome Part 1 ^.^! I wonder what's going to happen next to Liza and her friends! And I agree, what about the end of da Phantom Story c:?

    1. don't worry im going to finish it Monday or Tuesday

  3. Wow! Cloudclaws, you are a great author! I think it would be cool if u joined Animal Jam Lore Club. You just offer a little bit of a story and ur email and if Amy likes it, u r in! I am really happy cuz i got acceptes a few days ago!! It would be fun!

  4. thanks for liking my story i never thought i was that good! ^.^

  5. Also liza is the best ones next second ones is greely next ones is graham then next cosmo and the last ones is peck the last ones. : ) well she is teaching new jammers decorate their own


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