Sunday, 23 June 2013

Peck's story

Chapter 1

 most of you know peck the talented rabbit alpha but no one really knows her Story. it all begun one day...

It was a fine sunny day, the only noise you could hear was the rustling of the leaves and the rushing water of the river, in this lush place a family of rabbits lived, and in that family a rabbit called Peck was born. After the first few months of her birth Peck started to speak, she told her family stories and made great artwork all of her family decided she was very talented indeed. Peck's older sister called Daisy was a bit jelous because the got all the attention when she was a kit. eventually Peck grew up to become a young rabbit.

One day peck was painting on the soil with her older sister Daisy. this is boring. said Daisy
can we go home? i never go home when my art work isn't finished said Peck. "whats the point of this anyway? your drawing with going to disappear one day after all." big sisters sometimes, seriously! Peck thought. Then why come with me? i thought we where going to play a game not do dumb drawing. Drawing isn't dumb! She thought Peck was starting to get very annoyed now.

 "if you really think drawing is that dumb then go and play with someone else!" said Peck FINE! shouted Daisy. FINALLY! thought peck she lifted her paintbrush and continued painting, a drop of paint dripped of the paintbrush just in front of her art ruining it. Oh no! my artwork! she sighed.

 she tried fixing it but it only made things worse. at the end the painting was a big black smudge. she knew she couldn't fix her artwork so she just left and tidied up her paint brushes and ink. dinner time! called Peck's mother. coming! said peck. She went to her burrow she could smell carrot soup she sat down at the table and begun eating. but she just couldn't stop thinking about the smudge, she had a feeling it would come out right out of the soil.

chapter 2 

Peck ate her dinner quickly and went outside to see her painting. the smudge was gone leaving only pecks drawing behind, Peck was right,it had come alive because it couldn't have disappeared that quickly. but where was the smudge? thought Peck,cuiruois. She searched for the smudge at the woods when suddenly a single eye just a single eye stared at her. Peck saw it and stared at the eye backing away slowly. was it an alien? no it cant be.. she thought, suddenly the creature pounced at shooting lighting rays at peck OUCH! she landed on the floor
the creature had gone. it looked a bit like the smudge she thought, Something mysterious was going on and Peck knew that but what could it be? Suddenly peck got shot again. OWWW!
she screamed and landed on the floor again. She chased the creature throwing sticks and rocks and whatever she could find hoping to destroy it when suddenly huge silver talons clawed the shadow and left only black dust behind. Peck looked up to see a grey heron looking at her.
Who are you? questioned Peck. Im Mira the sky mother you don't belong here. but what do you mean? said Peck, "Zios the sky father and i have decided to create a magical land called jamaa, that was a phantom that was once the smudge you dripped on to your painting-
"i had no idea!" interupted Peck then she relised the heron had more to say. "You have powers that could save jamaa from the dark phantoms, you have been chosen to be the rabbit alpha of jamaa." So Mira took peck to jamaa. "this is your own land decorate it and name it" said Zios.
the two of them disappeared into light. Peck looked out to the land on top of the canyons, she built herself an art studio and decided to name the land Coral canyons.



  1. I love it so far so much ^.^! Can't wait for Chapter 2 :D! Btw Daisy reminds me of the bunny in the Bunny Adventure at the kind when you have to free the bunnies and a bunny named Daisy is there too

    1. I have a theory... It's Peck's sister was there! Remember, there's a burrow house and they live in a burrow house. The names are the same too!

  2. Oh yeah! You're a great writer Cloud! I've had to deal with the same thing as what Peck in your story had to. Very creative!

  3. That was an awesome story! Now my favorite place is Coral Canyons. ^_^

  4. There are only a few comments. -.-

  5. I♡this btw when im roleplaying i always think that im pecks daughter cause i think that my birthmark is a paibtbrush :P


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