Friday, 28 June 2013

Peace for jamaa!

                               PLEASE READ NOTE!!!!!!
hey jammers i have created a new movement called Peace for jamaa. the anti voilence movement will be erased but Peace for jamaa includes:stopping scamming,hacking,voilence and dating.

Lots of you have seen dating scamming and voilence and its not very good for little kids to see.
AJHQ say they have 24 hour mod 7 days a week,how come these jammers  don't get banned or suspended? well the truth is AJHQ isn't very good at modretating. So we have to show we really care about the poor jammers getting scammed and seeing lots of voilence! i payed a visit to madjasterx's clan a few days ago and there was some guy doing all sorts of sick voilent stuff...

she said wanna fight? to me UGH. she's fighting for FUN. Bravefox is right
over there saying voilence is not the answer. i mean whats fun about saying RIPS TAIL OF NN?

Another bigger problem is dating.

Whats the point of online dating? i mean your just dating a bunch of pixels
DUH. i think AJHQ should be more aware of players and another is scamming and hacking.
we probably know what scamming is by now its players tricking other players to give their rares.
hacking is going into someones account and stealing their rares. NONE OF THIS IS GOOD!!

AJHQ isn't very "aware" about safety, we need to tell AJHQ we do care that we want jamaa to be a peaceful place not full of scammers,hackers and dating freaks! we can spread this movement and make AJHQ actually listen and actually solve all this mess! the biggest problem is dating. we really need to stop it! Animal jam is been taken over by a bunch of 16-19 year olds! we wouldn't like that so we really need to get together now! Animal jam is loosing its rating as a "kids" game so spread the world about this movement! please!


  1. Look, Animal Jam DOES moderate, its just that its hard to track these ppl. They care, its just that when you ban them they make ANOTHER account and continue doing that sorta stuff. I understand, but please, understand that most of this stuff is out of our control.

    1. I agree with Amy, cause remember the 10 Million people joining Animal Jam? That's a lot of people to watch at once XD! I mean, can AJ watch that many of them O.O? Btw congrats on first comment, Amy X3

  2. You can't even fight on AJ :3! All people do is say words like:
    Claws face, tears off tail, bites tail off, bites ear off, scratches back, pins down, kicks, bites, fights, things like that X3! But I love Warrior Cats that I play fight with my friend, not violence fight! It annoys me when people say
    SAY I IF YOU LIKE ME! GO TO MY DEN IF YOU LIKE ME! Whenever I see those kinds of people, I report them report cutegirl10131, conikon, for scamming and report Sarvil3 for scamming and being a bully, and loren10912 for scamming!

  3. Great the same thing that happened with Mia on the commenters list happened with me DX! There's two of me just like what happened with Mia :O ERMAHGERD DX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. wanna what we need to do about all your rants so here it is
    remember there are about 30 million people joining aj each day each DAY so we will go and help ppl avoid getting scammed and bullied and stop ppl who role play like that and date on aj buddy me to join
    NOTE: not exepting ppl who role play these inopropriate thingsif caught so will be reported and will no longer be in police group :slender man five nights at Freddy's the things we are stopping or spin the tea cup



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