Sunday, 23 June 2013

Freedom bunny hats

hey jammers today's returning item is the freedom bunny hat
sold at jam mart clothing! ^.^

500 gems for just a bunny hat? O.O
it should be 20 gems its just a cute bunny hat not a piece of silver O.O
sorry for the short post this was the only new thing i found! >.<
anyway happy jamming


  1. Did anyone notice the regular bunny hat is 250 gems, but the Freedom Bunny Hat is 500 :O!? Really the Freedom Bunny one should be the same price as the regular one >.<! The Freedom one is like the same as the regular one!!!!! And I agree O.O! Why does AJHQ need to make things so much gems XD!?

    1. I agreed weird because of the Freedom Bunny Hats price O.O

  2. I agree it is overpriced for a Bunny Hat! And cloudclaws, you changed your theme didn't you? ^.^


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  3. Wow, I think the Freedom Bunny Hat should be cheaper, since it only comes in one color and it's JUST A BUNNY HAT! I could get like 10 nonmember necklaces in color for the same price.


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