Saturday, 22 June 2013


hey jammers adventures have come! ^.^
i made a video about it but it dosen't show the whole adventure its just a sneak peak!

what do you think? :) 
Liza's face looks freaky when the video has not been played yet O.o
i think the adventures are awesome! AJHQ is listening to the jamaasian movment!
the adventures are beta so they are tested by member only >.< at least it will be nonmember when beta ends! but what if the ONLY make 1 adventure nonmember?!

P.S i finished Liza's story click here if you want to see chapter 2!


  1. It was nice of you to make a sneak peak at the adventure C:! And yesh, non-members should be aloud to join the adventures too, I mean... I kind of feel guilty being a member while those non-members don't get to do much of those stuff...

  2. I'm on level 5 with the star nametag now! A quarter way to level 6. When you get to level 15, you get a square on your nametag!


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