Tuesday, 13 January 2015

[Pool table and Mira]

Hello. ^-^
Welcome to another one of my posts.
Let's let started, shall we? :P
The new item is the pool table. ^-^
o yeah
. . . 
I think this is an odd item to be on AJ for some reason. :I
And i never understood that game anyway. Except for the part you push the balls into the holes with the stick.
* checks price tag and thinks, "it'll be 350 gems or something" *

This was nearly about to be in Epic Wonders. XD
So moving onto another subject, i went to Kimbara Outback to listen to the music (like srsly that music is AMAZE) and i noticed these plants look . . weird.
Like what type are they? It looks more like coral . . or seaweed. Outback plants should look spiky, not fluffy. o-o
More like THIS
But anyways do you think that plant is even real? :I
if it isn't i name it the outback coral XD
I haven't checked out the Daily Explorer in a while . . 
Head Like an Orange animated GIF
It's Mira. Coooool ^-^
I never use these anyway since it's nearly impossible for me to copy AJ's style. :P
Anyways here's the QOTP!
What new things would you like to see on the blog?
bye :D


  1. First comment :3

    Anyways, since WHEN OH WHEN did AJ say that we'd have a pool table? Animals wouldn't play very good hmm...^-^ Maybe...let me brain think...hmm...maybe a plushie blog? An epic den of the week? Jammer of the month? Pet of the month? xD The list is endless... hmm -.-


    1. Plushie blog!? Omg, omg! I remember that! I missed it. And then totally forgot about it. Then checked it out again. That was pawsome! It was Lemon, right? (lol this comment sounds pretty cray-cray x3)

    2. Sorry for not updating it. >.< It was just far too difficult for me since i was busy enough with the blog anyway . . i tried. D:

  2. Very long comment...very long comment? *-*

  3. Epic title: Pool table and......MIRA :D

  4. I want to see "a guide to role playing : ideas and tips"

    1. Im actually pretty bad at roleplaying, the only tip i can give you is to not powerplay and be like :SLAMS AGAINST WALL WRECKING SPINE AND BREAKING SKULL NM ND NN:
      ^ i mean, see? Im terrible at RP ;-;
      Thanks for the idea though. :3

  5. I forgot what I was gonna say .-.

  6. sorry i am late my dad had the computer and the IPad would not work DX ! so yes that is an odd item ,doesnt that incourage gambling??? XD i like it when i get enough gems i might buys it :DDDDDD anywho Thx CloudClaws (feel free to pdate the fun stuff page as much as ya want)

  7. The best non free chat instant killing rp attack: I Shreds neck inn I

  8. if you do author tryouts i could do roleplay tips :P

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