Friday, 30 January 2015

Special Delivery!

Hello. ^-^
First three days of school have had so much work. :c
And were super boring. cuz tests. -.-
booring tests.
sowwy 4 not posting
wait, whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

There's a new adventure?
Okai cool. :3
What are we waiting for? LETS CHECK IT OUT :D
Isn't it a little early for owls to be in Jamaa? Pretty cool we get to see how they look like though. ^-^
Actually, i changed my mind. AJHQ did a SPOILERRRRRRR
Basically Rose usually can deliver the presents but there has been like a LOAD, like a huge load of presents that she can't handle herself so we have to help. Yay :3
Sounds more interesting than the other seasonal adventures. :O
This is how owls fly. Like their head is gonna come off. o-o
Very adorably tiny though. :3
yep, this is definitely diamond shop material.

Epic owl statue.
Wait a sec. Is it wearing a tiny coat?
aww c:
i find it very unnecessary though. 
We finally know where the dens of the jammers are . . but wait, you can't buy tree stump or log dens, so where did they get them from?
*Suddenly creeped out*
But wait, what is this?
Someone chopped down a tree.

just no.

this is a game right? AJHQ can just create more trees . . 

So err anyways, you meet a penguin who is sad because he can't get the treasure, and he wants to fly because of that. :c
And im just a flightless wolf who cannot help this penguin. :c
totally gonna switch animals
That's better! :D
*clicks accept*
Wait, so that's it?
I don't give it to the penguin or something?
And of course, the good ol' "use four players to open the door" trick.
Well since we have opened the door lets go in. c:
*finds another gift*
Whenever you open a gift, it sounds like someone burped really loudly. Srsly AJ? -.-
eww i don't wanna open gifts anymore
A good thing is that if you go next to a speaker you can hear Winter's Dance.
Well that's it 4 now. :D


  1. that update was on Thursday & the new item is the heart trident for undersea animals. :)

  2. Dat adventure
    I got Rare Friendship Bracelets xD
    Really pretty.


    I have experienced a sad glitch :c
    When I was right in the last valentine, look what happened.
    It's worth a video. It's so sad xD
    Last time I checked it was 3049.

    Oh well... I'm getting a pizza today xD

  4. btw WHERE IS THE PENGUIN I CANT FIND :'( ok so just let me know tomorrow plz or on dis page i will check both THX! XDD -petz52luv OFF TO GET A PIZZA


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