Sunday, 4 January 2015

Snow Shoes

Hello! c:
Yes, this is a late post and i don't have much time now at all, so it might be boring. >.<
Anyways, the new item is . . 
Snow shoes! :D
Sold in the Shiveer Shoppe. (duuuuuuh)
These are one of my favorite items. :3
They look adorable on bunnies and foxes. Why else would you think i wear these on my fox? :P
And in Treetop gardens, the epic shop where there's plants and stuff, the Carnation Bouquet is here. ^.^
o.o Shockingly expensive.
Is the bouquet really that large? :I
carnations r pretty
so many cool patterns
I love how carnations look like very fluffy roses. C:
It would be cool (and cute) if it was named "fluffy rose" XD
And speaking of roses, here's a fun fact! :D

There are very rare, natural black roses found only in Turkey.
That's cool isn't it? Black roses look awesome :3


  1. Omg black roses? That's so amazing and weird at the same time.

  2. Whoa, natural black roses! Gives me an eerily enchanting like feeling. Carnations are so pretty!

  3. Black roses...what a strange thing xD Snow shoes=YAY! I thought these items wouldn't return for a while...


  4. The snow shoes are so cute! And I'm glad that I got my membership so I am able to buy them! Oh and Cloudclaws, could you maybe make a post on how to make a signature? Because I am most likely going to be an author on another blog soon, and I would like to know how to make a signature.

    1. Thanks for the idea :D In fact, i might start doing it now! c:

  5. omg those have been my fave flower ever since I got them at my play!!!!

  6. I just got my membership back..Cloud? good news: i achieved 19 subs on my channel! when i hit 20 i'm gonna do a giveaway!


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