Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Snow patch

Hey ^-^
Today i will be posting a much longer post to make up for the very short post yesterday. ^.^
 I hope there's an update tomorrow. There hasn't been one for 3 weeks now i think, but i hope AJHQ just worked extra hard this time and this update is gonna be a REALLY special one! :D
The new item is the snow patch in Jam-Mart furniture. c:
Oh my gosh this is such a creative item
This should have been for 30 gems for something, because it's just a patch of snow. Plain SNOW. :T
It doesn't even look sparkly or special. :I
Why would you even buy snow? :P
I mean, just shovel it up.
But you can't.
cause AJ is a game. :c
At least it's useful if you're a nonmember creating a winter themed den. :D
Anyways, i made new pictures for the pages. You like? :3
i think it looks better now. ^.^
And now, i will be teaching y'all . . 
It is called 
The Butter Slide
A simple glitch, but you have to be the master of timing to do this. c:<
Actually not really but it still needs some good timing :)
Basically when you click to move, then click the sleep button very fast which makes it look like you're . . 
Sliding. (duh)
Like dis :3
check below the link ^^

See how fast i clicked that?
So it will take a fair amount of experience to do it. ^_^
If you're trying this for the first time, it may end up as a partial slide which is when your character slides but then stands up afterwards.
which also looks gud c:
(only if it's a long one though)
It also looks like you're falling. XD
And also sliding like a boss. 
^ that was a explanation on . . 

how cool the glitch was. ^.^
Actually it was about how to do the glitch. :P
Did you know that if you click a Scroll, you get a magnifying glass by our side?
Anyway, this is . .
Question of the post (AKA QOTP) day! :D
Because i'll be doing two this time. ^.^
First one is . .
What do you think will happen in the next update?

And le second one :D
why did i type le?
What to you think of the Nonmember den nowdays compared to the Beta den? What is your opinion on it?
Oh and i updated the Fun stuff page a bit. Just a little bit.
Happy jamming! ^o^


  1. Well, for the new update, I hope another animal/den comes out. Animal Jam thinks of stuff even I have never thought of! Also the beta den rocks because it is WAY MORE bigger than the regular den now. Also that is a cool glitch. If they came out with a slip 'n slide in the summer, that would be very useful XD And I think it is not fair to pay for snow. Why would you do that???

  2. Oh and by the way.. What if I wanted to send pictures, tips or glitches to you? Do you have an email or something?

  3. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR UPDATING IT ! The BETA den was much better compared to the nm den we have now. I hope the update is foxes for nms or eagles with prices off like maybe only a few diamonds anyway THX CloudClaws!

  4. I like the beta den better because it has more Space and the one now is smaller and way more unfair :(
    i think the new update should have a new nm animal or a new nm den that cost gems :P

    1. yes that is awesome!

    2. Of course c: I wish AJ would put a nm den related to the beta, but not too tiny of course. New update, eh? Hrm. :P Maybe returning items xD?


    3. I love those ideas. ^^
      But knowing AJHQ, that probably will never happen. (For a long time, anyways. :C)

  5. Wow, I actually like the snow patch item. If you do the 'change color' thing, you can get different shapes! :O

  6. I think you should change the theme again I liked it better were it was all forestey it gives that rivery vibe


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