Monday, 12 January 2015

Rare Gem Encrusted Necklace

Hello. c: 
Welcome to the 2nd Monday of January. ^-^
So here is le RIM
I think the gems are rubies or garnets. :3
and the colors look nice c:
But the price?

So, shall i rate it? o.o
Creativity: 2/5
Price: 1/5
Colors: 3/5
6 out of 15 like most rares these days.
So, on the epic-meter it scores a . . 

A "meh."
Which is just . . okay. :I
Should i bring along the epic-meter whenever there's a rare? :P
Anyways, you know red and brown worns?
i made this picture of it so you know what worn you're trading and stuff. XD
Or in case you're just confused. :T
I was in the Adventure base camp for reasons and i thought: How about i try to see the top of the Great Escape tower? :D
It's just a stump.
And in the illustrations this is how it is.
everything i know is a lie :c
Yeah sorry this post is pretty boring as well. :I
But have you seen the new welcome message thingy? <.<
To make things more exciting here's the QOTP! :D
What do the other alphas, such as Harper or Boomer look like? What are their personalities?
Bye for now! :D


  1. I never knew brown and red were 2 different worns. They look so similar! ^o^

  2. Sorry for my late comment...was at a friends house. Brown and red worn= okay maybe some confusion. Nup, no more time ^-^


  3. Sorry for those comments being incomplete my moms Ipad was't working XDDD so the rare i am sorry for being mean but i think your scale is off ? That rim is more eww that meh :( i almost trading a nm sword for a brown worn once but sooooo lucky I hit cancel ,i was new to da game like 2 month XD anyway thx CloudClaws!

  4. Lets boost to greater rare AJHQ! Yup, creativity=Overblown rating metre xD Hmm...consider putting new items that are rare that you can't buy? Couldn't regret that...-_o



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