Saturday, 3 January 2015

Marshmallow snowman

Hello :3
Well i don't have much time to post today. :T
But let's have a look at the new item! :3
By da way, it's in Jam-Mart Furniture.
I don't know if this is cute or disturbing.
What do you think?
I think it's more disturbing to me but it depends on the person. :I
Dat smile though.
At least it's marshmallow. I love marshmallow. :3
Anyways, you all probably know about that new app called "Play Wild."
Good news is . . 
I might be able to get it and show you guys since i have Android. :D
But my smartphone is very slow and useless so the app might crash, or if it costs too much money my parents won't allow me to get it. :c
But if im lucky, my dad will allow me to use the app on HIS smartphone. ^.^
And im not sure if my version is 4.1 or up.
Still, im very excited for the game in general and it would be really awesome to become a beta tester. c:
DE time. :P
needle animated GIF
I like how AJHQ includes GIFs in the posts now. c:
Also that pine needle seems to look like a Wollemi Pine, but i don't know though. Wollemi pine needles have green stalks.
And longer needles, soo yeah. :P
But it might be just a very close species.
Anyway i really need to go now so bye!


  1. The smile reminds me of a creepy clown. O.o
    That app seems pretty cool. Playing AJ mobile... Cool.
    Great pine facts! They're very pine! (<- haha puns)

  2. XD Thanks CloudClaws and XDDDD cutepup

  3. Cool! Creepy clown, good one xD I am going to try it RIGHT NOW RIGHT NOW!


    1. We have 2 android devices at home xD My dad's phone and older sister's phone. I'll try it on my dad's phone hmm ^-^

  4. We have a IPad and a android but it asks for personal stuff so i dont think I will do it. I will just wait till it comes out. :D I heard last time they did beta testing ppl got free membership but i dont know if it a rumor Have fun!

  5. i have an android and a kindle :P
    (and a tiny android dat doesn't WORK)

  6. Aww I missed that! I was gonna buy it but I got too lazy. xD


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